Hello? Spam calling

Honolulu, Hawaii – When you’re working at the Advanced Network Computing Laboratory (ANCL) at the University of Hawaii, you quickly learn a number of important facts about Spam. Here we’re talking about the canned spiced ham product from Hormel, which is extremely popular in Hawaii.Apparently as a legacy of World War II, when meat was hard to come by, Hawaiians turned to Spam, which rapidly became a comfort food. Now, going to lunch can mean, among other things, Spam sushi.Unfortunately, out here in the mid-Pacific I’m not protected by my usual layer of tightly configured firewalls and spam filters, so another type of spam abounds as well — the kind that offers to do everything from erasing debt to enlarging various body parts. I get hundreds of messages like that every day, and it takes hours to kill all of it. Clearly, enterprise IT managers already have their hands full. But while they were fighting the seemingly relentless tide of e-mail spam (not the Hormel kind), another threat has begun to appear: wireless phone spam.Right now, the problem is only beginning. Spammers, perhaps frustrated by declining results with e-mail, are starting to turn to SMS (short message service) text messaging… Read full this story

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