Rage in Men Caused by Women

Anyone can become enraged once in a while. But if you feel rage boiling within almost constantly, or rage erupts from you frequently, you may have an organic illness.On the other hand, you might have suffered some terrible injustice as a child.One major, but largely ignored, category of such abuse is that of boys emotionally, physically, or sexually damaged by women.This abuse is not only widespread but may be at the root of much subsequent abuse of women by men.A little boy abused by a woman suffers in similar ways to a little girl abused by a man.In recent times it has become acceptable for women to speak out about the abuse they suffered as children; most men feel no such permission is given to them about the abuse they suffered as little boys at the hands of women. These men are ashamed, and enraged.They are enraged because society accepts that men can be angry but there is less acceptance for the male victims’ feelings of hurt, fear, inadequacy, guilt, embarrassment, and especially weakness and vulnerability.A male victim smothers these emotions with anger. In this way, he preserves his masculine image. But the cost is enormous.A man unaware of the… Read full this story

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