Road Rage – The Cell Phone Connection

Is this you? Always answering the phone while you’re driving or are you dialing a number yourself?Is this you–totally engrossed in the conversation? Or totally engrossed in the “emotion” of the conversation? Is it a phone call that is going to go on all the way across town, up onto the busy highway, and into your driveway?Can the call involve lots of interaction on your part? Can you be less interested in the traffic and your driving? Can you be distracted enough to miss your turn-off? Can you be so unconscious of what is around you that you actually cut off another driver, barely avoiding a collision? Or, in fact, have you actually had an accident because you were talking on the phone?Is this you– nervous and unable to sit still? Picking up the phone to calm yourself or redirect your attention, or to still your fears of driving conditions, like too much traffic or icy roads?Is this you– continuing a harangue left over from the workplace or last night’s argument? Is this the first time you have had an opportunity to get your “two cent’s worth” in? Do you imagine that giving attention to the phone instead of your… Read full this story

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