Homemade Lego Printer Says ‘Hello World’

Hello World! One Lego enthusiast has made a working printer using spare Lego bricks, a felt-tip pen, a few mechanical parts, and a heap of ingenuity.

The homemade Lego printer, built by B3ta forum member “Squirrelfantasy,” also features a number of hardworking Lego minifigures. See the printer–which uses the felt-tip pen in place of an ink cartridge–in action and watch the video after the jump.

The surprisingly accurate Lego Felt-Tip 110″ Printer was all designed and coded from scratch, and was built with analog motors, sensors, a printer driver, and a wired USB interface.

Unlike mainstream printers, replacing the ink in this homemade effort is not a costly affair. When the printouts begin to fade simply buy a new felt tip pen and you’re all set!

[B3ta via Geekologie]

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