Say Hello To The All-New Magical Google Translate App

Traveling and tourism are a drag especially when it comes to the language games one is supposed to know the ins and outs of. The very ABCs of a foreign language are gibberish to the novice tourist. If you were confused over the word “oui” in France or “zapatos”in Spain then we don’t blame you.

Language is a maze and to know it takes time and effort. It is not like you can speak fluent Russian or Arabic within 24 hours. That would be an impossibility. However, with Google Translate things can be simplified and made manageable as regards an alien language.

Whether it is translation or pronunciation, your job will get done in a jiffy thanks to this novel means of symbol recognition technology. The translate app has been renewed on Android and iOS so it will be a piece of cake.

With Word Lens you only have to point your iPhone at a piece of text in a foreign language and it will instantly get translated into the language with which you are familiar.

Now you too may navigate street signs in Portugal or order stuff from a menu in Germany. And the really fun thing is that it works autonomously. You don’t need an Internet connection for the app.

Currently, the core languages available for translation include: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. However, other spiels are being added with rapidity and soon all the languages of the world will feature on this baby.

Similarly, convos can get carried out faster than usual. Up until now this facility had been so slow that it was a tiresome ordeal. But with quicker and speedier real-time conversations possible on the device, things are looking up.

All you have to do is click on the microphone facility and begin speaking in your language which will automatically get translated into the foreign language of your choice. And the true beauty of this designer linguistic device is that the fluid nature of the conversation will not confuse the translator mechanism.

It will easily switch between the mother tongue and the foreign lingo. The tapping of the mic will be a once-only procedure. For the rest of the convo, things will occur without any prompts from your side. Now isn’t this a wonderful thing!

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