Spirit Molecules: Allies for Healing from Trauma

Part 1 Source: open source Human beings have been exploring and altering their states of consciousness since the first animals snuffled their way into a mound of mushrooms and shared their discovery with their two-legged companions. It is difficult to say which is older; the experience of trauma, or of religion. The latter, some believe, may have dawned on the earliest hominids after the ingestion of some of nature’s psychedelic bounty. Some scholars suggest that the apple of Eden was actually a psychoactive mushroom (Amanita muscaria) (Wasson, Kramrisch, Ruck, Ott, 1992). People have ingested psychoactive plants and mushrooms for millennia to enhance consciousness and as a route to ecstasy which refers to “the withdrawal of the soul from the body” concurrent with mystical or visionary states. Frequently peoples of many cultures use plants and mushrooms in group rituals to alter consciousness; to commune with the gods or to stay alert while engaged in long hunting expeditions; or they are used individually to stimulate vision quests, to sleep, or treat pain and wounds. Entheogen refers to ‘God within us’, those plant substances that, when ingested, give one a divine experience, in the past commonly called hallucinogens, psychedelics, psychotomimetics (Wasson, 1988). Many… Read full this story

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