Betrayal or Declaration of War? Goldman Sachs Says Bitcoin is Not an ‘Asset Class’ but Many Disagree

Many analysts had anticipated that with ongoing pandemic and unrolling economic crisis, the 151-year-old bank would greenlight investments into bitcoin that recently climbed to $10,000, after a dramatic fall in March to less than $5,000. But following the bank’s comments on Wednesday, some prominent crypto-investors and figures in the industry, including the co-founders of the Gemini […]

Gia Long King artifacts exhibited at Hue Museum

The exhibition at the museum at the Huế Citadel in the centre of Hue is being held on the occasion of the king’s 200th death anniversary, and will last until the end of August.

Youths donate blood in Gia Lai province

At the event 150 youths from Duc Co district and 250 employees of Company 72 have registered to donate their blood. As a result, the organizers collected 250 units of blood to add to the blood bank of the Gia Lai Provincial General Hospital.

‘Anti-Establishment’: America’s New Syphilitic Politics of the Far Left and Alt-Right

“This effort began with an article published on the website Al-Masdar news, run by the Syrian government loyalist Leith Abou Fadel,” Monbiot noted. Fadel first gained infamy after a Hungarian fascist was filmed tripping a Syrian refugee; Fadel went on the attack, against the refugee, falsely claiming he was a supporter of al Qaeda. His […]

PE investors put logistics sector in high gear

Underpinning this interest from PEs is the government backing for the sector, starting from the grant of infrastructure status to the logistics and warehousing industry in 2017 and the drafting of an independent national policy framework for the states to ensure uniformity in rules across the country, reports T E Narasimhan.

Seven must-visit destinations of the Central Highlands region

Coffee World Museum in Dak Lak province. Located in the heart of Buon Ma Thuot City, the museum serves as a major tourist attraction for the area. Its design features a combination of the Central Highlands region and Western architecture. Indeed, the most outstanding thing of the building includes the houses which have curved features and […]

Matt Taibbi Leaves Omidyar’s First Look Media [Updated]

In August, Temple told me Taibbi’s site was experimenting with a variety of journalistic approaches — not just satire and humor but also investigative journalism. For instance, Ellen Miller, head of the campaign finance watchdog the Sunlight Foundation — a nonprofit also heavily financed by Omidyar — met with the staff over the summer to […]

Letters to the Editor: The Hollywood sign isn’t maintained for free. It deserves to be trademarked

To the editor: In their op-ed article, Susan Seager and Sachli Balazadeh-Nayeri ignore the nearly 100-year history of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in maintaining, reconstructing, protecting and promoting the Hollywood sign. The Chamber owns the rights to the world-famous staggered “Hollywood” stylized mark and has registered and licensed the mark worldwide.

Op-Ed: The Hollywood sign is a public treasure, and no one should have to pay to use its image

Before the chamber could appeal the trademark office’s rejection, the big Hollywood studios — Paramount Pictures, CBS Broadcasting, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures and Universal City Studios — went ballistic because the chamber’s applications sought a trademark for the sign as a stage prop. The studios feared that the chamber would demand licensing fees to […]

Vietnamese cinemas remain empty as industry awaits post-pandemic rebound

In an apparent chicken and egg situation, many Vietnamese producers have reportedly postponed the premiere of their summer movies, as they do not want their pictures to hit almost-empty cinema halls only to bring in meager revenues.