Hay fever sufferers face deadly asthma risk as pollen bomb hits, expert warns

A “pollen bomb” has put more people at risk than ever, with experts saying that a concentration of lots of different types of pollen is triggering allergic reactions in people who have never suffered from hay fever before.

Betrayal or Declaration of War? Goldman Sachs Says Bitcoin is Not an ‘Asset Class’ but Many Disagree

Betrayal or Declaration of War? The Financial Times immediately dubbed the bank’s move a “betrayal”, bearing in mind Goldman Sachs’s excitement with this digital currency back in 2017-2018 when it was even mulling the possibility of launching a “bitcoin trading desk” to facilitate investments. However, the new report showed that the financial institution has had […]

The 10 best remedies to tackle hay fever as pollen levels soar in hot weather

Sneezing and coughing A runny or blocked nose Itchy, red or watery eyes Itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears Loss of smell Pain around your temples and forehead Headache Earache Feeling tired If you have asthma, you might also:

Scammers target Google Docs and Microsoft Sway to steal user credentials: Barracuda Networks

Pune: Security solutions provider Barracuda Networks said its researchers have identified a new type of brand impersonation attack that is disproportionately using Google-branded sites to trick victims into sharing login credentials. Of the nearly 100,000 form-based attacks detected between January 1 and April 30, Google file sharing and storage websites were used in 65% of […]

Hackers target Google Docs, Microsoft Sway to steal user credentials

New Delhi: Cybersecurity researchers on Friday said they have identified a new type of impersonation attack that is using Google file sharing and storage websites like Google Docs to trick victims into sharing login credentials.Of the nearly 100,000 form-based attacks detected between January 1 and April 30, Google Docs were used in 65 per cent […]

Coronavirus: Is it hay fever or COVID-19? How to tell the difference

More from Covid-19 Coronavirus: Monkeys ‘escape with COVID-19 samples’ after attacking lab assistant Coronavirus lockdown demand for DIY and gardening goods boosts B&M sales Coronavirus: Test and trace programme ‘hit by more problems’ on day two Coronavirus: Fraud victims have lost more than £4.6m to virus-related scams Coronavirus: Current lockdown plans are ‘confusing’ for the […]

Keep The Lights On COVID-19 Doc Fund Distributes Grants To 15 Feature Directors

DUSTY & STONES (Jesse Rudoy): Dusty and Stones struggle to sustain a country music career in their tiny African kingdom of Swaziland and yearn for success in the United States. When a Nashville producer and a Texas battle of the bands come calling, the two cousins embark on a country music pilgrimage through the American South […]

USC bringing back Chris Claiborne, Hayes Pullard as quality control staffers

As for Pullard?  The Inglewood, Calif., native played for USC football from 2010-14.  Like Claiborne, Pullard was also a linebacker for the Trojans.  His last three seasons with the Pac-12 school, Pullard was a starter.  At the time of his departure, Pollard, a ’15 USC graduate, was seventh-all-time in program history in tackles with 369.

Test and Trace will only slow spread of coronavirus IF 80% of contacts tracked down in 48 hours, SAGE docs warn

“I don’t know how many cases were dealt with yesterday, I’m aware though that calls were made,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Young docs battle anxiety, panic attack

Amid increasing deaths, Covid takes toll on mental health of Civil’s frontline warriors They are breaking down with helplessness, facing panic attacks fearing infection and transmission, say seniors, psychiatrists I struggle to fight back my tears when my residents (doctors) come up to me and break down, asking what they did wrong; why their patient […]