VN construction industry issues action plan to reduce emissions

The plan also aims to complete institutions and policies to support and encourage businesses to improve technology, enhance production management and construction capacity to reduce emissions and improve the management capacity of the Ministry of Construction on reducing GHG emissions.

‘Case of failed regulation’: UK environment agency chief on Bhopal gas horror

“The agony doesn’t stop there: in the decades that follow, many thousands more die from the effects of the gas, or from birth deformities; hundreds of thousands more have their lives ruined; and the land and water around the plant are poisoned. This is not fiction”.

China poised to power huge growth in global offshore wind energy

“Over the coming decade we will see emerging offshore wind markets like Japan, Korea and Vietnam move to full deployment, and see the first offshore turbines installed in a number of new countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa,” Backwell added.

SpaceX: Nasa crew describe rumbles and jolts of return to Earth

During the last ever shuttle mission – STS-135 – in 2011, the crew left a US flag on the space station with the intention that the next crew to launch on a US vehicle return it to Earth. Nine years later, Hurley and Behnken have brought back the symbolic item, which also flew on the […]

Gopalkrishna Gandhi on Mahatma Gandhi: The pulse of a legacy in an age of heroics

As with humans that are now digits, the world’s natural resources, mostly non-renewable, are now weapons — not for human well-being but for power games, getting ever so closely held, tightly and furtively , for the greater and greater good of the small and ever smaller number. Protecting the physical environment has activists working like […]

President flags off Swachh Bharat drive at Kirnahar

Interestingly, he cited the instances of socialist countries like Vietnam and Cuba where people’s involvement has greatly contributed to attain social objectives like removal of illiteracy and maintaining cleanliness. “If the non-governmental efforts are not combined with the government’s endeavour, we will not be able to make much progress,” he said.

IPL 2020: VIVO set to exit after ‘renegotiating’ valuation, experts say BCCI may get reduced sponsor deals next

If it happens, the move would leave IPL poorer by Rs 440 crore, also affecting the finances of each of the teams. Vivo India paid Rs 2200 crore in 2017 for a five-year title sponsorship deal with IPL. Neither BCCI nor Vivo India want to break the contract, but given the current environment, believe that […]

Amara Raja Batteries net profit up 37 percent during FY20

Commenting on FY20 performance, Jayadev Galla, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Amara Raja Batteries Limited said, “FY20 saw us performing strongly against odds in the overall business environment and helped us emerge stronger. The automotive sector is dealing with a lot of challenges due to regulatory changes, technology shifts and demand uncertainty due to COVID-19 […]

Joyce reminds child care providers to apply for grants

“Parents need to know their children are in a safe and healthy environment as more workplaces reopen,” Joyce said. “Child care providers have been hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and eligible providers should take advantage of this grant so they can safely reopen their doors.”

Vehicle Emissions Testing Resumes In Markham

“We saw a great response following the reopening of a majority of our testing locations on June1, and we expect that momentum to continue with the reopening of the remaining two locations,” Illinois EPA Director John Kim said. “Our priority remains protecting motorists and staff at these sites, and we are asking motorists to follow […]