China is Hong Kong’s future – not its enemy

Notwithstanding this, Hong Kong – and its relationship with China – was in fact changing rapidly. Herein lies a fundamental reason for the present unrest: the growing sense of dislocation among a section of Hong Kong’s population. During the 20 years or so prior to the handover, the territory enjoyed its golden era – not […]

I set up a TikTok house: a Trump ban would be a huge blow to teenagers

Though TikTok faces a potential ban because of security fears over its Chinese ownership, there is no real difference in data collection between TikTok, Facebook and Linkedin. Trump has issued executive orders that would ban TikTok and WeChat in the US unless they find new owners in 45 days, having previously suggested that Microsoft should […]

‘I still don’t know why I was stopped’: racial profiling has to end

It was on Saturday that I publicly called for the Metropolitan police commissioner Cressida Dick to resign. I know enough from her past statements to know that she does not recognise institutional racism, nor does she show any solidarity with those who suffer from it. It took only one day for her police force to […]

The pandemic is helping the rich get even richer. It’s time to tax their obscene wealth

According to Americans for Tax Fairness, imposing a 60% tax on the wealth gains made by just 467 billionaires in America would raise over $420bn. That’s enough money to empower Medicare to pay all of the out-of-pocket healthcare expenses of every American in this country, including prescription drugs, for an entire year.

We Japanese Americans must not forget our wartime internment

When I returned to Rohwer this year, it was not in anger or sadness, but with a deep resolve to help ensure such a thing never happens again within our shores. I will soon be appearing in Allegiance, the first piece of American musical theatre to ever address the subject of the internment, which remains […]

England’s exam results fiasco has exposed its flawed education system

Even before lockdown, there was growing rebellion against “punitive accountability”, a shorthand term used within the profession for a bundle of tests that supposedly keep schools on their toes but, many believe, unfairly penalise schools serving disadvantaged children. These include highly contested Ofsted judgments, the determination of a school’s success by raw results, and the […]

This literacy report is not a story of England’s national decline

Second, it is a snapshot of literacy and numeracy levels now. The fact that some countries, such as England, ranked higher in the 55-65 age-group than in the 16-24 age-group does not mean there has necessarily been a “decline” in attainments over the past 40 or 50 years. It may merely reflect that some of […]

What’s the point of social mobility? It still leaves some in the gutter

Even if the waters of the social fountain were in perpetual motion (and you can bet that Clegg doesn’t mean that by “social mobility” – he’s talking about other people’s kids having the freedom to rise, not his own having the potential to fall), you’d still have to accept, even embrace, the idea of some […]

Yes, there’s a pandemic, but the silly season isn’t cancelled. Cue the invading jellyfish

In July last year, the Mirror warned us that great white sharks “could stalk UK waters by 2050”, and that “some” had claimed they had already arrived. I guess it’s Steven Spielberg who has the most to answer for when it comes to the media’s obsession with shark attacks. But according to the often-repeated factoid, […]

Ahoy! Distress voyeur Farage is sea-perving – while terrified Johnson tacks towards him

Yet compulsively he returns. One can only imagine the quickening in the Farage journalistic loins when, after several hours of fruitless sea perving, he finally spots a small craft full of desperate people coming into his sights. Yes! I’ve got a bite! The dog has seen the rabbit! Perhaps Nigel imagines himself to be a […]