This Indian startup wants to be the new CamScanner, without abusing data. Will it work?

For one, the market for digitising documents is huge. Not just startups, even technology giants such as Adobe and Microsoft, with its Lens product, have set sights on this market. These are companies with decades of experience in the digital work and productivity space and no shortage of cash.

For startups, the CFO role comes of age

Office commute startup Shuttl has seen the worst of the pandemic, as have all startups in the travel and hospitality space. Not only did people start working from home for months on end during the lockdown, even once things normalise, the work from home is expected to continue for a few days a week for […]

Excitement is back in startup world as venture capitalists return

“Early-stage sentiment, especially, is strong now. April was the only month where we were really worried. We discussed and realised that we are investing with a seven-year horizon. Now, if I take that view, then COVID, no matter how bad, should be a blip in the larger scheme,” says Rutvik Doshi, managing director at Inventus […]

UV air filters to holographic lift buttons, startups offer tech solutions to make offices Covid-safe

There are broadly four types of vaccine — one, a vaccine based on the whole virus (this could be either inactivated, or an attenuated [weakened] virus vaccine); two, a non-replicating viral vector vaccine that uses a benign virus as vector that carries the antigen of SARS-CoV; three, nucleic-acid vaccines that have genetic material like DNA […]

Do Ventures raises $28 million to invest in Vietnamese startups

The first tier includes business-to-consumer (B2C) platforms that “complement an effective ecosystem of services around young customers such as education, healthcare, and social commerce due to significant changes in customer behaviour after COVID-19.”

After ban on 118 Chinese apps, Indian startups with investments from Beijing wonder whether they will be on govt radar now

“Also, most of the ban and FDI restriction looks like temporary measures taken to address current market crisis. Needless to say, once these digital companies comply with security and privacy requirements under Indian laws and there is enough evidence to prove that there is no data leak, the ban will obviously be lifted,” said Rishabh […]

Money-hungry F&B startups flounder

According to a report from the investors, Nhat established companies to mobilise money from foreign investors to develop a real estate project. He then drew up a complete investment plan to lure them in, and affirmed that he would only use capital to develop a project in Lang Co. However, in reality, that venture was […]

Inclusion of startups in priority sector no guarantee for funding

For instance, Indian Bank is working on a product which would provide loans upto Rs 50 crore in installments. While this is welcome, the catch comes with the condition that loans can be availed against collateral only — an uncomfortable area for startupreneurs. Cross section of people in the startup ecosystem believe that RBI’s nudge […]

IIT Bombay to groom startups and innovators in a post Covid-19 world

An eligible startup can avail a maximum support upto Rs 40 lakh for the proposed technology product or solutions. A total number of 40-50 proposals will be supported under the scheme, said a statement by the MietY. The grant will be divided into two tranches that will be released in a phased manner based on […]

Baidu, investors in talks to raise $2 billion for biotech startup: Source

Chinese tech giant Baidu is in talks with investors to raise up to $2 billion over three years for a biotech startup, which will use AI technology to discover new drugs and diagnose diseases, a person with direct knowledge of the matter said. A second person confirmed the startup plan. Baidu is unlikely to be […]