Ed Miliband’s TUC speech divides union delegates

Fern McCaffrey, chair of the TUC young workers forum, said she respected Miliband’s honesty about the difficult economic choices facing the next Labour government, although she was worried about his ability to inspire his supporters. “He got an OK reception, it could have been worse … but I don’t think it particularly gave anyone any […]

Ed Miliband’s TUC speech receives lukewarm reception

The most direct criticism of Miliband came during a post-speech question-and-answer session with delegates. Janice Godrich, president of the Public and Commercial Services union, criticised Labour’s commitment to a pay freeze and spending plans, saying: “Your policies seem contradictory and they’re confusing people. Can we get a clear answer: are you for or against austerity?”

Tesco aims to ditch 67 MILLION pieces of plastic by removing wrapping from packs of baked beans, tuna and soup… but promise shoppers they’ll still get the same discount for multi-buys

Where it can’t be removed, for example when it is necessary to prevent food damage and waste, we’ll reduce it to an absolute minimum. We’ll look at ways to reuse packaging and ensure that anything left is all recycled.

Australia to probe crash that killed three US firefighters

“We will be forever indebted to the enormous contribution — indeed the ultimate sacrifice — that’s been paid as a result of these extraordinary individuals doing a remarkable job, as they have done for years now in New South Wales,” he said.

Unite chief: union has been vindicated over Falkirk vote-rigging claims

Labour decided on Friday to drop charges against two senior figures in Unite – the prospective MP Karie Murphy and constituency party chairman Stevie Deans – who had been accused of trying to rig the Falkirk parliamentary selection by recruiting supporters without their knowledge. The two central affidavits making this accusation were withdrawn, with some […]

Labour’s fragile truce with Unite over Falkirk threatened by bullying claims

On his blog, Joyce wrote: “There are still some outstanding issues to be cleared up, of course. Were party rules breached by the signing up of people who appeared not to be present at the addresses given for them? Were some people signed up to Unite and the Labour party at the same time, under […]

The sort of creativity Manchester United have been crying out for

FIVER LETTERS “In recent weeks there have been many references by Big Website hacks to Manchester United’s worst ‘start’ to a season. Given that United have played 24 league games, can this still be considered the ‘start’ of the season? I think most fans would consider that we are now approaching the ‘end’ portion of […]

‘Arrogant’ machete attacker who slashed PC sentenced to 16 years

More from UK Man wanted over lorry deaths of 39 people to be sent to UK Harry Dunn: Family will ‘never give up’ after extradition request denied Coronavirus: How does the UK respond to an outbreak? ‘Breathtaking’ Welsh slate landscape could get global recognition Tesco to ditch plastic-wrapped multipack tins to slash packaging Flybe: Javid […]

Local shelters send 19 dogs to the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl

Five of these playful pups were selected from the Danbury Animal Welfare Society (DAWS). Stephanie Barksdale, the operations manager at DAWS, said this is the second year DAWS has had its dogs participate in the Puppy Bowl, with four pups on the second string’s lineup in 2019. This is the first year the shelter has […]

Fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, another first in space

Anything that brings the feeling of home is a great gift to the astronauts, especially those who spent the holidays in space. Parmitano recently talked about how even though they had Santa hats, stockings and a tiny Christmas tree on the station, it’s nothing compared to spending time with their families and enjoying good food […]