Church goers around the world ignore social distance advice

Dozens of parishioners, many of them elderly, crowded into the iconic Kazan cathedral in St Petersburg, to receive communion. Earlier this month, the cathedral came under fire for continuing to exhibit a relic of John the Baptist despite fears that visitors kissing the exhibit could hasten the spread of coronavirus.

Minimalism, torsos and tango: it must be Argentina’s first luxury gay hotel

No details have been spared: futuristic furniture by Charles and Ray Eames, Mies van der Rohe and Eileen Gray, a garden pool lined with transparent shower cubicles, a spa pool suspended over the lobby as a transparent roof, and deck chairs positioned in front of gym equipment. If you like to watch men stretching, bending, […]

Coronavirus at a glance: the latest developments

German’s state’s finance minister kills himself The finance minister of Germany’s Hesse state, Thomas Schäfer, has killed himself after apparently becoming “deeply worried” about how to deal with the economic impact of coronavirus, German website The Local reports.

‘Papua New Guinea is not prepared’: 4,000 nurses to strike over Covid-19 readiness

One resident told Guardian Australia: “I don’t think the lock down is a good idea, as many of our people are going into panic buying while other unfortunate ones are unable to do that now because they simply do not have the money to buy extra food and basic supplies.”

The Machiavelli of Maryland

For Luttwak, capitalism is synonymous with boring adulthood: ledgers, marginal returns and the expectation that the world will fundamentally remain the same. As a strategist, Luttwak sees the presumption of predictability as a damning vulnerability. As a historian of the ancient world, he is too alive to the prospect of civilisational ruin to put any […]

World’s largest glove maker sees shortage as coronavirus fight spikes

Top Glove said its supply chain is well-diversified and was optimistic it would not have issues sourcing materials in the next few weeks. Malaysia has approved some manufacturers in the essential goods sectors to continue operating under specific conditions during the nation’s lockdown that ends on April 14.

Army explosives expert killed defusing bomb in Afghanistan

Schmid, also known as Oz, was from Winchester, Hampshire. His wife, Christina, said: “Oz was a phenomenal husband and loving father who was cruelly murdered during a relentless five-month tour. He was my best friend and soulmate. The pain of losing him is overwhelming. I take comfort knowing he saved countless lives with his hard […]

Frontline diaries: ‘Cherish the moments you have with your family’

Rishi Sunak offers to cover 80% of the average monthly earnings for the self-employed. Then we get a real fright when Next announces that it will not be taking any more orders. If other suppliers close too, our jobs could be at risk. We are paid per parcel. If you are doing 100 parcels a […]

Spain poised to tighten coronavirus lockdown after record daily toll

In his daily press conference, Simón said that six of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions had reported their ICUs as operating at full capacity, and another three were rapidly approaching full capacity. He declined to name the regions under the most pressure.

Depth in Team Will Definitely Help Us Psychologically at Women’s T20 World Cup: WV Raman

“If we’re talking about somebody like a Shafali, who is 15-years old, we all have heard of the adage saying, young cubs know no fear. So, this is a brand of cricket that we look to play and it is a format where people need to be positive,” he said.