GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review

James Bond isn’t a man afraid to reinvent himself. Changing his face as often as Dr. Who, he’s tried desperately to stay current despite his chauvinistic ways and predictable clichés. He’d nearly lost his appeal during a six-year hiatus in the early nineties before Pierce Brosnan took the mantle as England’s greatest super-spy in GoldenEye. […]

Fan-made GoldenEye 007 remake killed off following cease and desist request

The demand doesn’t mean all that work was for nothing. What’s been created so far will be used to create a new title minus the GoldenEye name and James Bond characters. On the new Project Lantus account, Colclough notes that the change means it will be available on Steam, and console ports are a possibility.

Sean Connery’s James Bond is the best Bond ever, according to UK poll

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From the price of groceries and homes to jobs and wages: As Australia plunges into recession – here’s what it means for YOU

This chart released by the Reserve Bank of Australia on Wednesday shows share prices have fallen in 2020 due to the coronavirus. Some Australians have lost money in the stock market, reducing the amount of cash they can raise to pay for their mortgage if they lose their jobs

Coronavirus digest: COVID-19 shows ‘no seasonal pattern,’ warns WHO

A group of migrants who sailed from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos last week arrived with the coronavirus, said authorities on the island capital Mytilene, sparking fears of a mass outbreak at the overcrowded migrant camps.

After years of development, the GoldenEye 25 fan remake just got lawyered

“We cannot do a Bond game but we can still do a great game with all the beloved aspects of our favourite 90’s action shooter. If you are still interested in following us, please come over to @projectianus where we will share development of our new game.

Derecho moves southeast after storms leave more than 1 million without power overnight

Boards from other buildings were blown into her brother’s house, where she was staying, she said. Broken windows and howling rain pressurized the home so much they could not open doors, and she found her sister-in-law in bed covered in sheets of broken glass with boards flying around her.