Vinessa Shaw Joins Dermot Mulroney In ‘The Blazing World’; Brendan Hines, Kevin Daniels Cast In Pandemic Thriller ‘Do Not Disturb’ – Film Briefs

Vinessa Shaw (3:10 to Yuma, Hocus Pocus, Ray Donovan) has signed on to co-star opposite Dermot Mulroney in Carlson Young’s directorial debut thriller, The Blazing World, as production prepares to commence outside of Austin, Texas this month. Based on Young’s 2018 Sundance Film Festival short of the same name, the film follows a self-destructive young […]

Beirut explosion: ‘She’s only four days old’ – parents’ anguish as daughter injured in blast

More from Beirut Explosion Beirut explosion: International search teams sent to help find the dozens still missing What happened in Beirut: The explosion that devastated a city and shocked the world Beirut explosion: Before and after pictures show scale of damage to city Beirut explosion: Officials put under house arrest as at least 135 die […]

Global COVID-19 death toll surpasses 700,000: WHO

On the list of death toll after the top two are Mexico with 48,869 cases, the UK with 46,299 cases, India with 40,699 cases, Italy with 35,171 cases, France with 30,176 cases, Spain with 28,498 cases, Peru with 20,007 cases, Iran with 17,617 cases, Russia with 14,490 cases, and Colombia with 11,315 cases.

The Latest: Global COVID-19 death toll surpasses 700,000: WHO

Following the top two in confirmed cases are India with 1,964,536 cases, Russia with 866,627 cases, South Africa with 529,877 cases, Mexico with 449,961 cases, Peru with 439,890 cases, Chile with 364,723 cases, Colombia with 334,979 cases, and Iran with 314,786 cases.

Hiroshima, Nagasaki Survivors Recall Dreadful A-Bombings on 75th Anniversary of Attacks

“The sight of burned babies crying by the side of the bodies of their mothers — as well as the prolonged and agonising suffering of those who survived the blast but died in the ensuing weeks of acute radiation sickness — should have been enough to turn the world against nuclear weapons. This is of […]

UK names new top diplomat to United Nations

What is the United Nations? UK names first woman US ambassador The lengths countries go to for a seat at UN top table Dame Barbara, who has worked in several Foreign Office roles since first joining in 1994, will be the second woman in the role for the UK.