British Airways scraps its dividend and furloughs over 30,000 staff on 80 per cent pay in desperate bid to survive the worst crisis in its history

How coronavirus has affected airlines in the UK over the past month Flybe: Europe’s largest regional airline collapsed on March 5 after months on the brink, triggering 2,400 job losses and left around 15,000 passengers stranded across the UK and Europe. Flybe’s owners, a consortium including Virgin Atlantic, the Stobart Group and hedge fund firm […]

Government modelling predicts some regional hospitals could receive 10 times their capacity in ICU admissions due to coronavirus

“Even if the curve is flattened, we are still going to have an increase of people who are going to be severely unwell and we won’t be able to cope and we won’t be able to get them to Melbourne.

America passes 6,000 deaths as the virus claims 911 victims in 24 hours and the total infected hits 245,000 as experts warn the peak is still weeks away

The jaw-dropping projections were laid out as officials described a death toll that in a best-case scenario would likely be greater than the more than 53,000 American lives lost during World War I. The model’s high end neared the realm of possibility that Americans lost to the virus could approach the 291,000 Americans killed on […]

Coronavirus live updates: Unemployment increase largest in one month since 1975

12:29 p.m. San Francisco confirms first shelter case of COVID-19: A shelter resident at Division Circle Navigation Center tested positive, health officials confirmed. The Coalition on Homelessness announced the news earlier Thursday. City officials said the person is no longer at the navigation center and “in good condition” while in isolation at a hotel. Officials […]

Hackathons: an inclusive way to tackle the climate crisis?

Climate change: Bangladeshi farmers turn to hydroponics to stay afloat Farewell to farming As saltwater seeps into once-fertile land, farmers are giving up agriculture and looking for new ways to make a living. Some relocate to urban areas to take low-paid jobs in factories producing cheap clothing for the West. Others are turning to aquaculture […]

Coronavirus live updates: Unemployment rate rises to 4.4%

3:33 p.m. San Mateo County recommends residents wear face coverings: Health officials in San Mateo County said they recommend that Bay Area residents wear a face covering, such as a bandana, fabric mask or other cloth, to cover their nose and mouth when they go into the public for essential activities. People should not hoard […]

Meet the New York Restaurant Owner Who Delivered Oranges to Hospital Workers During the Coronavirus Outbreak

More than 10 million jobs have vanished over the course of two weeks, and more than 6.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits within the last week. First responders, doctors and nurses are quickly running out of the supplies they need to effectively treat the sick and protect themselves from contracting the virus. In […]

Umbilical cords just got longer

Sarah Briggs – a university communications manager who admits that she’s only just weaned herself off helicoptering her two children, aged 20 and 25 – puts it down to her own experiences of growing up in the baby-boom generation. “Our sheer numbers caused us to compete strenuously for places on sports teams and at the […]

As celebs shelter at home, paparazzi hustle to find new angles

For paparazzi like Karloff — who cohosts “The Paparazzi Podcast” with another photographer who calls himself Jedi — the pandemic has made an already challenging financial situation increasingly untenable. Many worry that, as the virus continues to spread and the death toll mounts, fans will quickly tire of endless shots of celebrities in masks walking their dogs […]

Coronavirus: About 160 Brits now quarantined in Tenerife hotel for 14 days

The Canary Islands government added that more than 100 tourists at the hotel who are believed to have not had any contact with the couple will be allowed to leave, but it is not known if they include any Britons.