Start your Monday smart: Pandemic, stay home, equal pay, US census, culture online

“Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears”: This feature film continues the story of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries,” which aired for three seasons and is one of the most popular Australian series worldwide. Essie Davis returns in her role as the seductive, slinky and risk-taking 1920s-era Melbourne detective Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher. In this film, […]

Cheptai reveals frustration as virus delays comeback

“I was getting into good shape and I had good expectations in the track because I was doing enough loading which is good especially in the track. After emerging fifth in 2017 during the World Championships I believe there is more room to improve and do better,” she said.

The Walking Dead’s Ryan Hurst Reveals Beta’s Tragic Origin Story Not Told on the Show

“Originally, it was one of those weird things. When I had read the comic, when they brought me on board to do the show, Beta was an actor and a basketball player,” Hurst said on Talking Dead about Beta’s little touched comic book backstory. “But the way it was revealed in the comic almost felt […]

Covid-19 : Almost overnight, the $100 billion fitness industry goes virtual

The results can be charmingly DIY, as when an instructor from Shadowbox demonstrated crunches by touching her toes with a container of Clorox in one hand. But depending on your tolerance for choppy video, poor lighting, and unflattering camera angles, they can be a maddening experience as well. The pivot to streaming has highlighted the difference […]