10 of the world’s best cable car rides

Cabrio, Switzerland Want to feel the wind in your hair as you ride through the sky? A bit like the cable car equivalent of an open-top bus, the Cabrio cable car has two decks, with the roofless upper deck providing unbeatable photo opportunities of Lake Lucerne below, unobstructed by glass panes or even the cables […]

What Are the World’s Happiest Countries?

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What you need to know about coronavirus on Thursday, September 10

AstraZeneca denied reports that its vaccine trial was paused because of a case of transverse myelitis — a rare inflammatory condition of the spinal cord. Church leader who called Covid-19 “God’s punishment” for same-sex marriage tests positive. Venezuelan health workers are now getting cash bonuses — but accepting the gift puts them at the center […]

Coronavirus: BBC poll shows stark divide between rich and poor countries

Nearly six in 10 people (57%) say they have been affected financially by the pandemic Women say they are facing a greater financial impact than men. The greatest disparities were reported in Germany (32% of women versus 24% of men), Italy (50% versus 43%), and the UK (45% versus 38%). In the US, 14% of […]

U.K. Has More Coronavirus Deaths in One Day Than All EU Countries Combined

“Differences are to be expected between information products published by WHO, national public health authorities, and other sources using different inclusion criteria and different data cut-off times,” the WHO’s report said. “While steps are taken to ensure accuracy and reliability, all data are subject to continuous verification and change.”

Guam boy, 10, dies as Covid outbreak threatens country’s health system

Ten people remain in intensive care. Seventy per cent of Guam’s cases have occurred in August and September, Guerrero said: “If our numbers don’t change, I’m afraid we will reach a point where our hospital is so full of Covid patients that we may not have room to treat any other ailment, and doctors may […]

Exclusive: Vaccine group says 76 rich countries now committed to ‘COVAX’ access plan

The WHO describes COVAX as an “invaluable insurance policy” for all countries to secure access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines when they are developed and approved. The plan’s coordinators have set a deadline of September 18 for countries signing up to make binding commitments.

Belarus: what is the mood like in the country?

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No 10 could toughen Covid rules for social gatherings in England

“It’s all very well saying that hospital admissions and deaths are at a very low level in the UK, which is true, but if you look further into the European Union, you can see that where case numbers rise initially in the younger parts of the population, they do, in turn, filter through and start […]

China reports two new COVID-19 cases vs 10 a day earlier

The National Health Commission said in a statement that both cases were imported infections involving travellers from overseas, marking the 24th straight day of no local infections.