Britain’s BEST Chippies revealed: National Fish and Chip Awards unveils top 10 list of seafood takeaways – did YOUR local chip shop make the cut?

Family-run Harbour Lights’ best sellers are cod and haddock. The cur cod is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified while its chips, are cooked in a combination of rape seed and palm oil, and ‘made from the finest Cornish potatoes’ which come from farms within a 20 miles radius of the shop

Student, scientist, baker: Meet Gitanjali Rao, Time’s first-ever ‘Kid of the Year’

Time said Rao, a sophomore at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado’s Denver, stood out for creating a global community of young innovators and inspiring them to pursue their goals. Rao told The Associated Press in a Zoom interview from her home that the prize is “nothing that I could have ever imagined. And I’m […]

Dragon Age 4 is getting its “next reveal” at The Game Awards

Whatever’s on show, we know it has something to do with the new set of Dragon Age short stories BioWare showed off today, which could give a very early indication of the new entry’s narrative tone. “These stories, written by the narrative team, help paint the picture for the future of Dragon Age, including some […]

Wildlife photographer of the year — people’s choice

During Christopher Columbus’s Caribbean voyage of 1494, green sea turtles were said to be so numerous that his ships almost ran aground on them. Today the species is classified as endangered. However, at locations like Little Farmer’s Cay in the Bahamas, green turtles can be observed with ease. An ecotourism project run by fishermen (some […]

Offensive rookie of the year is becoming more of a quarterback award

From Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson (52 catches, 918 yards, six touchdowns) to Steelers receiver Chase Claypool (45 catches, 611 yards, 10 total touchdowns) to Jaguars running back James Robinson (890 rushing yards, eight total touchdowns) to Chiefs running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire (692 rushing yards, five total touchdowns) to Washington running back Antonio Gibson (645 rushing […]

A look back at the eight year wait for Cyberpunk 2077

With no in-person E3 happening due to the pandemic, CD Projekt Red hosts its own virtual series of announcements for Cyberpunk 2077 around the same time. We get a new in-engine trailer and some new gameplay, all covering the bits detailed in the hands-on preview. The most surprising news is the announcement of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, […]

Gary Oldman On Playing ‘Mank’, Working With David Fincher And His Take On The Controversial Question Of Who Really Wrote ‘Citizen Kane’

I mean, I’ve known David Fincher for a long time, and I think he’s one of those directors, there’s two types of directors. There’s the ones that meet you and say, “Oh my God, I’m such a fan, and we must do a film together,” and you never hear from them again, or you have […]

Paa turns 11: When Abhishek Bachchan played Amitabh Bachchan’s father, turned producer for his dad

1. R Balki’s film not only garnered critical and box office success but also brought the fifth Filmfare Best Actor award for Amitabh. Big B also got his fourth National Film Award for the role and Vidya bagged her first Filmfare Best Actress award. Paa won three more National Awards for Best Feature Film in […]

The man who redefined digital age

Eight years after founding Apple, Mr. Jobs led the team that designed the Macintosh computer, a breakthrough in making personal computers easier to use. After a 12-year separation from the company, prompted by a bitter falling-out with his chief executive, John Sculley, he returned in 1997 to oversee the creation of one innovative digital device […]

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: £650m Carphone Warehouse tycoon lands bail-out for opera charity

Princes William and Harry’s old nanny Tiggy Pettifer has knitted two pairs of socks for charity. Not any old socks mind you. These are wading socks suitable for shooting or fishing. The socks will be auctioned online by the Atlantic Salmon Trust, of which Prince Charles is patron. They have already got a starting bid […]