Hamptons rental homes soar from $5,000 a month to $30,000 as NYC’s richest flee the city and flock to the wealthy enclave, almost doubling the town’s numbers, and sending coronavirus cases spiraling to over 7,000

In Hudson Valley, homes that typically go for $4,000 a month during the winter and early spring are now going for up to $18,000 for the month of April. Hamptons homes that typically go for $5,000 a month in winter months are now selling for $30,000 just for the last two weeks of March. A waterfront […]

Neurosurgeon and CNN medical correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta warns 200,000 US coronavirus deaths is an ‘optimistic’ prediction unless the ENTIRE country adopts the same social distancing rules

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told Fox News that Broward County would likely allow two cruise ships with coronavirus outbreaks carrying a total of 2,500 people to dock in Fort Lauderdale, despite his misgivings about potentially contagious foreign nationals.

How Donald Trump went from saying coronavirus is ‘under control’ and ‘like flu’ while golfing and repeatedly holding rallies to admitting up to 240,000 will die in eight grim – and error-filled – weeks

‘I want every American to be prepared for the hard days that lie ahead. We’re going through a very tough few weeks. And, hopefully, as the experts have predicted is a lot of us are predicting having studied it so hard, going to start seeing some real light at the end of the tunnel and […]

Need a DJ to get the party started? Call me – in about 15 years’ time

My own goal, though, is just to dick about until I get to a good enough standard that my wife lets me back into the house. I can’t deny, however, that I haven’t thought about the slim possibility that Kendrick Lamar happens to be driving through Crawley, hears some absolute fire coming from a garage, […]

Kiszla: Why $100,000 pledge by Rockies Daniel Murphy to assist struggling baseball players is act of love so needed in time of COVID-19

While Adley Rutschman grabbed headlines for the $8.1 million signing bonus he received as the No. 1 overall pick in 2019, nearly 25% of the 916 players selected in last year’s draft signed for less than $10,000, according to research by Prospects Live. Even with pay bumps scheduled for minor-leaguers in 2021, a rookie assigned […]

The Twenty Years’ War

During the 1980s, bin Laden fought alongside the mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. After the Soviets withdrew, he went home to Saudi Arabia, then moved to Sudan before being expelled and returning to Afghanistan in 1996 to live under Taliban protection. Within a few months of his arrival, he issued a 30-page fatwa, […]

2-million-year-old skull of human ancestor unearthed

The question of why our bloodline survived while that of similar species died off will be a focus for further research by the team, looking into the role of changing habitats, resources, and the unique biological adaptations of our ancient ancestors.

Sabeco’s prospects darkened by Decree 100 and COVID-19 outbreak

In a positive scenario of a 5 per cent increase in beer consumption, Sabeco can achieve a revenue of VND40 trillion ($1.74 billion) and profit of VND5.7 trillion ($247.83 million). In the worst-case scenario of a 20 per cent fall in beer consumption, Sabeco may post revenue of VND31 trillion ($1.35 billion) and profit of VND4 […]

‘It’s a joke’: NYC health execs express fury that 1,000 bed USNS Comfort has only 20 patients on board because of red tape, while cornavirus crisis rages in NYC with 51,809 cases and 1,562 deaths

A domino effect has meant victims’ bodies are left lying in refrigerated trucks for days as there is not enough space in hospital morgues, funeral homes can’t keep up with demand and cemeteries are operating less than usual due to the city’s lockdown and social distancing rules.

Huawei ban: Full timeline as it posts smallest profit increase in 3 years

Oct. 16, 2019: Huawei sold a whole bunch of phones despite the US ban, while a Mate X unboxing video hints at the foldable phone’s imminent release. Also, Germany caused an uproar with draft network security rules that would let Huawei work on its 5G networks.