Antioch family battling cancer, dementia and housing woes amid job loss finds help

With the rent settled up, Nicolas has seen things turn around. Alison’s unemployment checks began arriving, some friends and her church pitched in, Battaglia put Nicolas in touch with a food bank and she got a tenuous handle on her expenses. The family is no longer underwater; it’s back to treading water. That’s a big […]

I spend more on beauty than rent – my hair alone costs me £6,000 a year

“My dad tells me guys don’t like girls with so much make-up on, but I do this for myself, not for other people.

Joe Arpaio defeated in what’s likely his last political race

Arpaio’s political fortunes started to decline significantly in 2013 when his officers were found by a judge to have racially profiled Latinos in immigration patrols. Arpaio was eventually convicted of criminal contempt of court for disobeying a court order in the profiling case, though he was later spared a possible jail sentence by Trump’s pardon.

Coronavirus: Why US is expecting an ‘avalanche’ of evictions

Not all informal evictions are done maliciously – some landlords work out a handshake agreement with tenants to move out and keep the eviction from appearing on the tenants’ record, which can badly impede their ability to rent elsewhere. But Taylor said her organisation is seeing more cases of landlords using aggressive, illegal tactics to […]

Unemployment Fraud; Political Signs Stolen; DUI Crash: Blotter

Contact one of the below Credit Bureaus to place a fraud alert and check your credit report for fraudulent activity.Experian Or 1-888-397-3742TransUnion Or 1-800-680-7289Equifax Or 1-888-836-6351 Go to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using this LINK for recommendations concerning this crime.Go to the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) using this LINK or below information […]

Sam Smith discusses cross-dressing past saying: ‘I feel just as much woman as I am man’

“I love a heel. I’ve got loads of heels at home,” he told The Sunday Times Culture magazine – adding he will “buy everything – heels, dresses,” when he goes shopping in Australia’s drag store, House of Priscilla, in Sydney.

Judge slams ‘truly evil’ killer for crafting a web of lies after he raped and murdered barmaid Keeley Bunker on way home from rap concert as he is jailed for life

Addressing his interaction with police after joining them for a ride-along in the back of a marked car, Ms Hannan said: ‘I think there’s some audacity in his arrogance there in playing the martyr – saying ‘why are people blaming me when I left her at that phone-box?’ knowing full well where she was and […]

As Malabar faces deadly landslides, debate shifts to ecologically sensitive areas and human intervention

Suneesh V., 29, walks gingerly to the tarpaulin-covered front yard of his tiny house as if the earth would give way if he stepped on it a little firmly. He doesn’t seem to trust the soil beneath his feet any longer. He lives on Muthappankunnu hill, covered with young rubber trees, in Kavalappara, which is […]

Keeley Bunker: Moment killer is arrested after moaning about ‘being blamed’

Miss Riggon tearfully told the court during the trial: “She said she was tired and wanted to go home. She would walk home with Wes. She said ‘I’ve got Wes, I’ll be fine, I’ll walk back with him, I’ll be safe’’.”

‘The virus piggybacked on racism’: why did Covid-19 hit BAME families so hard?

On 10 March, Minesh developed symptoms – aching legs and a runny nose, nothing much to worry about. He didn’t have a cough, let alone difficulty breathing. “When I phoned NHS 111, they said: you’ve got a cold.” But Minesh believes that, in the incubation period, he had passed the virus on. Although by 12 […]