Silent Hill’s Creative Team Worked On World Of Tanks’ Halloween Event

Utilizing “unique co-op mechanics,” players will fight against mysterious tanks while exploring a town called Mirny-13. In the event’s custom map, players in teams of five will ride modified Tier IX tanks. Their task is to discover why peculiar supernatural events, likely related to a “scientific experiment gone wrong,” are occurring.

US officials targeted on American soil, across the world by purported sonic attacks

“This type of sonic attack will create immediate debilitating effects in its target and long-term health effects. So it can be used for tactical or strategic purposes, for short-term distraction or debilitation or long-term psychological or political effects,” added Nick Dowling, a defense fellow at the National Defense University as well as a two-time policy […]

This new running shoe is made entirely from plants

pioneered by Nike for the first Flyknit sneakers—the technique helps limit waste in the factory. (It also ensures a snug, breathable fit.) “Knitting an upper allows you to specifically build a product to spec versus cutting it out of a piece of fabric, in essence leaving you with zero waste,” Rusling says.

What’s new on Netflix and what’s leaving in November 2020

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two Netflix is rolling out a long list of holiday-themed films and specials throughout November, including the sequel to its well-received 2018 original film The Christmas Chronicles, which cast real-world married couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, respectively. The heartwarming movie was a holiday hit […]

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video in November 2020

New on Amazon Prime Video in October TV October TBD Sons of the Soil – Amazon Original Series: Season 1 October 1 1992: Berlusconi Rising: Season 1 (Topic) 40 & Single: Season 1 (Urban Movie Channel) America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump: Season 1 (PBS Documentaries) Cisco Kid: Season 1 (Best Westerns Ever) Cities […]

This new tech could let your tablecloth remind you that your glass is half empty

For example, a smart tablecloth could recognize a credit card placed on the table and automatically fill in card information when a user registers or shops at a website for the first time. In the kitchen, Capacitivo could also recognise which ingredients are placed on the counter, and nudge users about the order and timing […]

Lewis Hamilton exclusive: Creating a lasting impact beyond breaking F1’s records

Jack London: The piano-playing Olympic hero’I was the exception but now it’s the norm’Latest Black History Month contentAs Hamilton, F1’s first and only black driver, explains: “If I stop talking about it, if I stop taking a knee at the forefront, at the pinnacle of motorsport, if I stop wearing this mask (Black Lives Matter) […]

Coping With COVID-19 Crisis: L.A. Film Schools Finding Ways To Teach Amid Shutdown; Creative Solutions, Exhaustion The New Normal

As far as professors getting creative in quarantine, this is just one example. At each university, students have been asked to see what they can make remotely, with the resources available to them. “Trying to figure out what can be done with the facilities they have in their control—that was the first two weeks,” Boyle […]

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit overview trailer gives you a look at modes, creating courses, and more

Many classic items such as Mushrooms, Bullet Bills, Bloopers, and the dreaded Red Shells are included, and the AR toy will react according to what you use in the game. So if you use a Mushroom, your AR toy will also boost along the track, and if you get hit by something in the virtual […]

Xbox Series X game dev on what it means for open worlds: “We can stop using smoke and mirrors”

Sala said having more performance horsepower allows him to focus on pulling off interesting new ideas without worrying about how to make it work behind the scenes with “smoke and mirrors”; instead of making systems and subsystems for when to account for the voyages of trading ships on the horizon and to what degree, they […]