One Dead, Three Injured After Afghan Migrant Goes on Stabbing Rampage

Last September, at least two migrants, a woman and her child, died after a fire broke out in the camp. The incident triggered riots among the migrant residents who claimed they were angry that it took so long for the emergency services to arrive and put out the fires, which they said led to the […]

The Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah review – the remarkable life of the people’s poet

Alongside a few other contemporary figures, such as Grayson Perry, Zephaniah has found the key to unlocking the nation’s affections for an artist. This was far from predetermined. In The Life and Rhymes, a raw yet warm account in 61 brief chapters of the existential need for black self-actualisation, Zephaniah offers himself up as a […]

Sherrie Hewson reveals Botox went wrong and left her with funny lump on face

‘I’ve realised that if you can’t hear what someone is saying and you’re just smiling and nodding along, it’s probably better to say no rather than yes, because you don’t know what you’re agreeing to.

From the Calais Jungle to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s A-listers: How Syrian political activist fled Assad regime and came to Britain on a fake passport before winning a Bafta for BBC film before taking job as NHS cleaner to say ‘thanks to the UK’

After travelling across Europe to Paris by train and lorry, he was then trafficked to Calais and stayed in in the camp for months, calling it a ‘graveyard of hopes’. He said: ‘I made over 50 attempts to get across on lorries, but they all failed. It was a dire experience.’