‘He loves his food!’ Gregg Wallace, 55, says baby son Sid takes after him as he reveals he wants to get down to ‘15% bodyfat’ after FOUR stone weight loss

As Ben and Ranvir complained that they couldn’t stop snacking during their time in lockdown, Gregg added: ‘My PT sent me a five day workout and each day I’m keeping that up – food you can eat as much as you want of the right things, as much veg as you want as much fruit […]

Mothers band together to run mental health support group

Loneliness in motherhood is a repeated theme among the participants, exacerbated possibly by the rural area they live in. A report into maternity-related mental health in Wales noted that Powys was the only one of seven health boards across Wales which did not have a dedicated perinatal mental health service.

Now lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein victims says British witness will tell FBI she ‘vividly remembers’ seeing Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub – after royal denied dancing with ‘sex slave’ on night of THAT photo

‘She might be close to tears’: Body language expert Judi James says Prince Andrew accuser Virginia Roberts appears both angry and vulnerable in her Panorama interview The woman who claims she slept with Prince Andrew as a teenager looks both ‘angry’ and ‘vulnerable’ in a new BBC interview, a body language expert said today.

Barack Obama: How he became the first black US president

August 25-28: The Democratic Party’s national convention in Denver, Colorado, a key battleground state, sees ailing senator Ted Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Mr Biden, and both Clintons deliver passionate speeches, uniting the party and fully endorsing Mr Obama.

Coronavirus live updates: U.S. poised to surpass 11,000 deaths

2:33 p.m. SF officials change course, will send homeless to hotel rooms instead of shelters: In a change of plans, San Francisco officials said they will no longer move homeless residents into the recently-opened Moscone West shelter, but instead into hotel rooms. That means the city will need an expected 4,500 hotel rooms instead of […]

Coronavirus live updates: California expected to hit peak COVID-19 resource use in a week

5:15 p.m. Trump questions report from U.S. Office of Inspector General: President Trump cast aspersions on a report from the office of the inspector general at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that found hospitals are dealing with shortages in testing and protective equipment while battling the coronavirus outbreak. The report interviewed administrators […]

Björk: ‘I couldn’t just write a disco song’

“I immediately tapped into the same kind of things. The first people I got to know in England were Crass – I didn’t know them that well. I had once been to visit them when I was 16, I didn’t even speak English. Just sat there, totally shy introvert in the background. They were way […]

Raised on Motown, Rising Indie R&B Star Lila Drew Wants a Classic of Her Own

“It’s insane to me that my growth as a writer and person is documented in the music,” she says. She had written and recorded over 30 songs with no exact plans to release them, accidentally ending up with the independently released EP. Growing up with a love for great, classic albums, however, means that Drew […]

Dominic Raab COULD deploy the military without Boris Johnson’s consent but will not be able to sack Cabinet as No10 scrambles to ease power vacuum fears with PM facing ‘weeks’ out of action amid coronanvirus chaos

‘This is a very difficult thing to do because he will be surrounded by lots of people who know what Boris Johnson said, believe Boris will be quickly back and have their own personal agendas anyway, so it’s a very difficult personal position and the man will be tested by the loneliness of the job.’

Jimi Hendrix On Early Influences, ‘Axis’ and More

“After I’d been in the army 14 months I traveled all the states and played in different groups: Top 40 R&B band, Jackie Wilson, Wilson Pickett, Isley Brothers gigs. I got tired of feeding back in the “Midnight Hour.” I was a backing musician playing guitar. Curtis Knight album was from bits of tape they […]