Study: Some May Seek to Die by Suicide from COVID-19

This may seem like a somewhat cold-blooded calculation, but it is, in a sense, the kind of balancing act our leaders, and we as a society, are making right now. The suicidal, given the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicidality, tend not to stand up for themselves, and fight their corner as robustly as others […]

COVID-19 and Security Theater

Can you get it from a doorknob? Do I need to spray down grocery packaging with disinfectant?  These are certainly valid questions, and can be addressed scientifically, but from the point of view of the progression of the pandemic, the huge amounts of data available really seem to point to the following: this is a respiratory […]

Sam Mendes calls on Netflix and Amazon to share ‘Covid-19 windfall’ with theatre

While the careers of those in theatre have suffered in recent months, there are many, he writes, “whom Covid-19 has made rich”. He continues: “It would be deeply ironic if the streaming services – Netflix, Amazon Prime et al – should be making lockdown millions from our finest acting, producing, writing and directing talent, while the very […]

Extreme poverty ‘will double by Christmas’ in UK because of Covid-19

“We have already taken steps to help ease the burden of universal credit debt repayments, including reducing the maximum deduction from 40% to 30% of a claimant’s standard allowance. From October 2021 we will reduce this further to 25%, and we will double the time available to repay an advance to 24 months.”

How to Best Approach COVID-19 Research

the rise of “open access” journals the creation of online repositories for unpublished manuscripts Open access at its most fundamental simply means that nobody should have to pay to read the results of scientific studies. The general rationale is that if my tax dollars paid for the grant, I should be able to see the results […]

Kolkata Metro resumes services after over 5 months

“Services have resumed at 8 am and around 3,000 people have commuted in the first two hours,” Kolkata Metro Railway General Manager Manoj Joshi told PTI.

Ranveer Singh Resumes Work, Returns To Sets After Five Months

Ranveer Singh has resumed work! The superstar was spotted in a suburban studio for an advertisement shoot and we have managed to get an exclusive image of Ranveer walking into the set. The actor has, thus, returned to the sets after 5 months and his decision will surely boost the morale of the industry that […]

No-shows and other fears: Daily life of food delivery workers in Vietnam

“Anyone in this ‘shipper’ business will face these situations at least once. I was lucky to get my money back, but other shippers have had to bear the brunt, [for example] drinking five cups of boba tea or eating two servings of family-sized hotpot [that no-show customers left them with]. It’s rather saddening.”

Bundesliga transfer blog: Cordoba linked with Hertha move

Despite rumors suggesting a deal was imminent, Ligue 1 side Angers publically announced that they have turned down an €11 million offer from Freiburg for Santamaria. The fee would have made the holding midfielder Freiburg’s record signing, but now there is a big question mark behind any potential deal.

Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds says Sir David Attenborough’s show warning of mass extinction of wildlife left her in TEARS – as she pleads: ‘Everyone should watch this, it’s time to act’

The Arctic Ocean is expected to have its first entirely ice-free summer in the 2030s, resulting in open water at the North Pole. Since the Earth would have less ice, it would be less white each year, meaning less of the Sun’s energy would be reflected back out to space, and the speed of global […]