Harry Dunn crash driver Anne Sacoolas did NOT have diplomatic immunity, DPP rules – as his family begin lawsuit in US

“Had they had the opportunity to look at the matter and consider the legal arrangements at Croughton they would have concluded then that she did not have diplomatic immunity and that she should not be allowed to leave.”

Hotel staff interacted with Las Vegas shooter more than 10 times before massacre

In the aftermath of the mass shooting — the deadliest in modern US history — questions arose over how Paddock had not raised the suspicions of hotel staff. Police found 23 guns inside his suite and discovered Paddock brought “in excess of 10” suitcases to the room over several days, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan […]

Across Europe disillusioned voters turn to outsiders for solutions

On the right, the opposition UMP has been meandering from disaster to disaster. The party has been without a clear leader since shortly after Sarkozy lost his 2012 re-election battle. His prime minister, the anglophile François Fillon, and the young rightwing UMP leader Jean-François Copé went head to head over who should run the party, […]

After 9/11: Has Germany failed in Afghanistan?

Corruption and self-enrichment Like the US military, early on German military forces simply appropriated many political tasks and maintained contacts with dubious provincial politicians and warlords. “The Afghans then got the impression that they were under the protection of foreigners.” In Ruttig’s summation, “the intervention of the West has been totally militarized” while at the […]

Sydney Sutherland, 25, autopsy reveals her cause of death was ‘multiple blunt force injuries’

Home security camera footage of Sutherland – taken about 90 minutes before her run – was shared by a relative on Facebook showed no signs that she was distressed.