Cops haul ‘hysterical’ family off WestJet flight because their ’19-month-old baby wasn’t wearing coronavirus mask’

In a statement given to the BBC, the airline said: “Due to non-compliance of the parents to place a mask on their older child who is over the age of two, our crew informed the adults of the regulations we are required to follow.

19-yr-old assaults, blackmails minor girl

The accused made a video clip and took photos to force her to have a physical relationship with him A 19-year-old youth has been arrested by Chandan Nagar police for sexually assaulting a minor and then blackmailing her to allow him to do it again repeatedly. The accused, identified as Kumar Ranganath Jadhav, is a […]

Three Men Arrested After One-Year-Old Baby Is Fatally Shot In The Head In Pittsburgh

The shots came from outside the boy’s home and passed through a window and two walls before striking the infant, according to the blotter. Officers have yet to release a motive for the shooting or the circumstances surrounding the violent incident, but police are continuing to investigate, the blog said.

Heartbroken mum loses third daughter to same cruel condition as baby dies in her arms

“With Soirise’s funeral, her headstone is not included in the funding, so I don’t want to leave her where she’s got no identity, so to speak.”

29-year-old mom dies of coronavirus weeks after delivering her new baby in Baton Rouge

“At some point, I couldn’t take it,” Denman said. “I had to tell the doctors, ‘Please don’t call me. I don’t know how I’m going to react. I know how I’m feeling right now, and it’s not going to be good, because I see my daughter fading away from me.’”

Police: 2-Month-Old Baby Nearly Died After Abuse From Fayette Co. Man

The baby was eventually moved to UPMC Children’s Hospital, where doctors discovered the infant suffered a brain hemorrhage, broken ribs, broken blood vessels in his eyes and bruises all over the body. Police say some of the injuries were not new.

26-yr-old accuses father’s friend of stalking her

A Nikol resident has been detained for stalking and intimidating a 26-year-old woman. Aarti (name changed) is a post-graduate student who also works as marketing executive with a private firm. She lives with her father, currently unemployed, and her mother, a home-maker who suffers from paralysis. She told police that her father became friends with […]

Parents’ relief as sick 7-month-old baby finally comes home after six heart ops

Annabelle turned a corner and had her second open-heart surgery in July at six months old. It diverted blood to the lungs for ­oxygen without passing through the heart, easing strain on the organ. Later that month, Annabelle was briefly referred back at Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, and she was finally allowed to […]

Mum’s ‘beautiful lockdown baby’ dies at 11 days after ‘silence in room’ at scan

“We didn’t really know what to expect when she was born but I was prepared for the worst scenarios. I accepted that she may be born blue and quiet but I really hoped that this wouldn’t be the case,” said Sophie. “What I didn’t expect her to be born on a bank holiday in the […]

Stepfather admits throwing 17-month-old baby boy against a sofa and killing him after a row with his girlfriend

‘Malcolm hit the back of the couch which has a wooden frame covered by thin foam and fabric. There were no cushions on the couch at the time, which made the couch a harder surface than most couches.’