Fortnite Galactus Event Recap: Here’s What Happened During The Live Event

Your view then cuts to the inside of a battle bus, which is flying in the air amidst a massive fleet of buses. Iron Man says he cloned billions of these and turned them into bombs, with the objective being to make Galactus eat as many as possible and send him away. You’re then put […]

‘Fortnite’ Season 4 Galactus Event Takes Servers Down—What Happened?

The Helicarrier was no match for the formidable foe, as it was instantly smashed for a crash landing somewhere near the Authority. It’s at this moment all players in the lobby were instructed to enter the Battle Buses after a quick conversation with Iron Man. While in the bus, it was possible to hit Galactus […]

The world’s only handwritten newspaper is 91 and sells at 75 paise

Arifullah seconds this. “We don’t carry breaking news. It’s very difficult to rewrite entire pages, so we stopped.” He also says that there is a strong preference for topics that are close to the community. “Our focus is obviously on Islam and Islamic teachings, but that is not all of it. We have many Urdu […]

World leaders to address special session of UNGA on Covid-19 pandemic

The session’s first day will feature statements by the President of the General Assembly Volkan Bozkir, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, President of the Security Council for the month of December South African Ambassador Jerry Matthews Matjila and Chair of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev. The General Assembly will then hear from world […]

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ coolest new mount is breaking my heart

You might think the best part of a new World of Warcraft expansion is all the new zones, quests, and dungeons, but you’re wrong. It has been and always will be the new mounts. After all, what’s the point of saving the galaxy if you don’t have a six-foot-tall frog to ride into battle. Or […]

China misled the world, concealed official COVID-19 figures: Report

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Singapore Fintech Festival and the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology to feature world’s first 24-hour hybrid digital and physical event

There’s a fascination around entrepreneurs. Often characterised by an appetite for risk, overcoming odds and being the leaders of change in their generation. They are a diverse group of individuals who share the drive to risk it all while making the impossible possible. Tune in to hear the rising founders of Southeast Asia share their […]

Singapore approves sale of lab-grown meat in world first

“I would imagine what will happen is the U.S., Western Europe and others will see what Singapore has been able to do, the rigours of the framework that they put together. And I would imagine that they will try to use it as a template to put their own framework together,” he said in an […]

Art world star gives back by buying work of the undiscovered

Philoche’s own work goes for up to $125,000 a piece. During a recent interview at his studio, he slid out from storage large canvases from his breakthrough, Mark Rothko-esque abstract Untitled Series and a collection of female nudes with duct tape over their mouths. Often whimsical, he has also produced paintings inspired by Monopoly and […]

‘Let your mind be at rest’: Surfing great Kelly Slater leads tributes from around the world for ‘one of a kind’ wave rider John Shimooka, 51 – who took his own life just one year after his wife died

‘I just want to thank everyone for attending today. I want to say a big thank to everyone who supported John throughout his life, more importantly recently when he was going through some tough times,’ Slater said.