Robin Thicke denies he is engaged to 20-year-old girlfriend April Love Geary – five months after divorce

“I live in a place of gratitude and growing up in many ways I think, I moved from my parents house to moving in with Robin, and now I’m like becoming an adult at this old age. I’m really like a real woman now.”

15-year-old died in front of a train after being lured into an online world of self-harm and suicide

On Monday night – a couple of hours after writing on her blog ‘I’m so f****** sorry’ – the teenager appears to have carried out her plan to end her life. She was pronounced dead on the rail line close to her home in Beckenham, south-east London, after being hit by the Victoria to Ramsgate […]

A 28-year-old woman received the first known double-lung transplant in the US after battling Covid-19

Coronavirus had taken a deadly toll on her body: her lungs had been irreversibly damaged and other organs were beginning to fail, she said. After Ramirez spent more than a month on a ventilator, her family flew from North Carolina to say a final goodbye after she says doctors announced they were unsure if she’d […]

Is this the face of God? Archaeologist claims 3,000-year-old clay heads found in Israel depict Yahweh – but other experts say it would be prohibited to create such images

‘Although we cannot rule out the possibility that the human heads from Motza and Qeiyafa depicted gods, they have no markings, symbols or attributes (such as horns, crescents, bulls), found on figures and visual representations throughout the ancient Near East, that would identify them as divine figures.’

55 million-year-old owl with murder feet unearthed

Paleontologists identify ancient owls by looking at the shapes of certain bones, among them the shoulder bone, the humerus in the wings, and leg bones such as the tibiotarsus (a bone between the knee and the heel) and the tarsometatarsus (the bone between the heel and the toes), which are important for catching prey or […]

Ada Nicodemou reveals the secret to keeping her seven-year-old son Johnas ‘focussed’ while homeschooling during the coronavirus pandemic

Who should you ask for help if coronavirus symptoms strike?… ‘It’s been stressful’: Claims Home and Away’s Ada Nicodemou… ‘The new normal’: Home And Away star Ada Nicodemou does her… Home and Away… but not as you know it: Crew members wear… Ada Nicodemou admits she feels ‘anxious and scared’ as Home…

Frank Ocean’s brother dead: musician’s 18-year-old sibling killed in tragic car accident

The teenager was involved in a car accident that took place in the early hours of Sunday morning on Westlake Boulevard in Thousand Oaks, California, killing both Ryan and a friend, according to ABC 7.

Robin Thicke PARTIED with estranged wife Paula Patton over Christmas despite being linked to 19-year-old model

But just a week after she filed for divorce, the 37-year-old star threw a party at a night club in Los Angeles before moving on to his home in the Hollywood Hills, where he was joined by actor Leonardo DiCaprio and lots of attractive models, to celebrate his newly-single status.

Emmitt Smith and Wife Pat Separating After 20 Years of Marriage

the breakup is shocking considering Pat had just written a pretty emotional love letter to Emmitt for their 20th anniversary … saying, “Hubby, I love you so dearly and I’m extremely grateful for all that we have built together and for the love that we share together.”

JavaScript creator Eich: My take on 20 years of the world’s top programming language

Developer Coronavirus: From startups to supercomputers, how tech is trying to help tackle COVID-19 Programming language Julia: Version 1.4 is even faster and brings these new features Visual Studio 2019: Now IntelliSense linter for C++ programming language cleans up code Hackathons: Best practices and winning strategies (ZDNet YouTube) The Best Web Hosting Providers (CNET) How […]