20-year-old drug addict stabs grandmother to death in Himachal’s Mandi district

The incident took place on Monday when Nikhil Kumar, a drug addict, asked his grandmother, Bhuma Devi, for money to buy drugs but she refused, leading to an argument. Nikhil pushed his grandmother and she fell on a glass table. He picked up a piece of broken glass and stabbed her, killing her on the […]

Fishing boats to be allowed in to sea from Aug.7

As per the guidelines, fishing and marketing-related activities in harbours will be managed by the harbour management societies. People’s committees, with the Matsya Bhavan officer as convener, have been formed for the fish-landing centres and other jetties where the catch will be offloaded.

COVID impact: Banks in no hurry to open their vaults to home loan seekers

While buying your dream house, do not rely on what banks told you before COVID struck. Check with the bank if the loan approval letter is still valid before entering into any property purchase deal. Pull out your credit report, and fix errors, if any. If you have taken a moratorium on your existing loans, […]

Boat That Fell Off Trailer Cleared From Northbound Lanes Of Hwy 101 In San Jose

#SanJose — Traffic continues to back up on northbound #Highway101 at Hellyer because of an accident involving a boat that fell off a trailer and landed on its side. The two right lanes are blocked as well as the Hellyer offramp. #KCBSTraffic pic.twitter.com/cbXqNUEiYH

WATCH: Migrant Boat ‘Shadowed’ Into British Waters by French Ships

The claims by the arch-Brexiteer were confirmed by reporting from Breitbart London’s Oliver Lane, who revealed that the French Navy’s own transponder data showed the French not only handed over migrants on the day Mr Farage filmed but had likely done the same procedure the week before.

Samsung teams up with BTS, Myth and Khalid for its second Note 20 teaser

What you need to know Samsung plans to unveil its next flagships in two days. It released its second, star-studded Galaxy Unpacked 2020 teaser today featuring BTS, Khalid, and Myth. The teaser also gave us a few more looks at the Galaxy Note 20, the Fold 2, and more.

Single use, dangerous misuse: on the war against plastic during COVID-19

The plastic industry needs to step up action across the whole value chain, says Anderson. “This includes design, sourcing, manufacture, end-use and recycling. We must look at solutions that have a significantly lower impact over the life cycle of the plastic product,” she says. Thus, investments in waste management systems and recycling capacities are crucial. […]

Sperm fooled scientists for 350 years – they spin not swim

The sperm’s rapid and highly synchronised spinning causes an illusion when seen from above with 2D microscopes – the tail appears to have a side-to-side movement. However, this discovery shows that sperm have developed a swimming technique to compensate for their lop-sidedness. In doing so they have also ingeniously solved a mathematical puzzle: by creating […]

‘We started chemo on the same day’: Seven years after Bernie died of breast cancer, Nolan sisters Linda and Anne face the same struggle… so why do faulty genes plague some families but not others?

Meanwhile, a review of the ATM gene, published in the journal Current Oncology in 2018, found that around 1 per cent to 2 per cent of adults in the U.S. had one mutation of this gene, which aids tissue repair, and women who carried this mutation had a 25 per cent greater risk of developing […]

Health care costs for recovering COVID-19 patients with lingering symptoms could cost the US $50BILLION within a year

The United Kingdom aims to track the health of 10,000 hospitalized COVID-19 patients over the first 12 months after being discharged and potentially as long as 25 years. Scientists running the study see the potential for defining a long-term COVID-19 syndrome, as they found with Ebola survivors in Africa.