Germany’s Chancellor, Merkel shines in virus crisis even as power dwindles

The jury is still out on how the government’s approach will work, but after having run a budget surplus for a half-decade, Germany is well-prepared to offer the massive aid program.  Its health care system has been in good enough shape to be taking in patients from overwhelmed Italy and France, with intensive care beds […]

Britons will not get back to ‘normal life’ for SIX MONTHS or more, warns deputy chief medical officer Jenny Harries, as she says UK should know after Easter if lockdown has ‘squashed’ coronavirus outbreak

Government pandemic exercise predicted four years ago that Asian respiratory virus would overwhelm NHS A Government exercise four years ago predicted a deadly virus from Asia would arrive in the UK and leave the NHS on its knees, but was not published because the results were ‘too terrifying’.

No exit: Britain’s social housing trap

It took only a frighteningly small step for Janice and her husband to slide from what seemed like security, to ending up here. They both worked, she had a good job as an administrator at Hendon Police College, but she was only on contract and hadn’t completed a year – so when she got pregnant, […]

The spy who couldn’t spell: how the biggest heist in the history of US espionage was foiled

Carr showed Jechorek a series of clues about the sender’s identity that he had gleaned from the intercepted pages. The system of brevity codes the sender had used – along with the concern for operational security – pointed to somebody with a military background. He had a “top secret” security clearance, which reduced the potential […]