Marathon runner Chirine Njeim wants to use the Olympics to tell the world about Lebanon

“I really think this one will be a special one just because it will be my fifth one. And with everything happening, I have this burn to be there. To me, it’s not about being at an Olympics, it’s about representing Lebanon and telling people about this beautiful country.

Beauty And Stillness At Life Wellness Center In Bed-Stuy

Community is a priority for Tudor. Hers is one of many of the area’s Black-owned businesses committed to supporting one another. Her retail showcases small Black-owned brands looking to grow. The staff at Brooklyn Kettle, the coffee shop around the corner, keep an eye on the center when she’s not around. An owner at peace […]

Coronavirus lockdown easing: Litter piles up at beauty spots

He said: “I understand people want to get out to the countryside after lock down, with beautiful weather and with nothing else open, but I don’t understand why people wouldn’t take their rubbish home and litter all across a beautiful spot like this!”

Suniel Shetty: It hurts me a lot when people say ‘film industry gutter hai’, it’s not fair

“I am a human. I chose that, and fitness as my mantra in life. I can’t go around saying ‘I am the cleanest guy in the world’, no, there are a lot of flaws in me. Let’s not go extreme again. My upbringing has been like this, I had a simple background and stuck to […]

BEL MOONEY: Is my lover selfish for robbing me of my dream wedding?

We get on day to day but I sometimes get angry when thinking about these things. I’ve tried to talk to him but he just seems to miss the point. He’s very upbeat and I sometimes think he believes I should be over Dad’s death by now. I find myself thinking of what it would […]

Empty Spanish church transformed into ‘Sistine chapel’ of skateboarding

The prospect of a one-of-a-kind indoor skatepark was a hit, particularly given that the area receives 200 days of rain a year. Calling themselves the Church Brigade, Fernández Rey and his friends formed an association to collect money and build a ramp. As their funds grew, they poured the proceeds into expanding the skatepark.

Sunshine Horizon – The prosperous symbolic twin towers in the heart of District 4

Sunshine Horizon – The prosperous symbolic twin towers in the heart of District 4 In addition to being accessible, the twin towers will create a significant landmark and status for the road it is on (Ton That Thuyet Street). Similar to Ben Van Don Street, it is anticipated with much growth in the near future. […]

Is ‘Coraline’ a Horror Movie? Film’s Lovers Debate Why It Shouldn’t Give You Nightmares

What seems the most confusing of the argument is the pretense that Coraline is a “family film.” It’s certainly unlike any other family film on the market. It’s not completely rare for family films to show their lead character in some kind of danger (hello, Home Alone) though admittedly, Coraline’s journey is a bit more […]

‘Naked rancher’ who delights Instagram fans with VERY racy snaps of him herding cattle and exploring the great outdoors says he feels ‘freer’ without any clothes on

‘My friend felt it was a good idea and I thought, ‘Why not?” he said. ‘It turns out she has a lot of gay buddies and they all went wild for it. They all liked the photo and shared it and before I knew it I had hundreds of followers.

Santa Barbara Shooter Left Behind a Collection of Disturbing Videos

“I don’t know why you girls are so repulsed by me. I do everything I can to appear attractive to you. I dress nice, I am sophisticated, I am magnificent. I have a nice car, a BMW … I am polite. I am the ultimate gentleman. And yet, you girls never give me a chance. […]