Back from the brink: the global effort to save coral from climate change

“We’ve had pretty good results,” says Joseph Pollock, coral strategy director for the Caribbean division of the Nature Conservancy. He worked on a recent spawning event off Cape Eleuthera that has resulted in more than one million coral larvae. “This in itself is not a solution, it’s part of a suite of tools that can […]

Stream Onward right now – here’s how to watch Onward online around the world

Taking place in a fantasy world where magic has been replaced by modern trappings like cars and TV, Onward follows two brothers who discover that their dearly departed dad was a wizard – and they can meet him for a day using his old staff. Unfortunately for them (but hilariously for us), the staff breaks […]

The approaching crisis: Is the world running out of water?

Prof Young is a specialist in water policy reform and holds a Research Chair in Water and Environmental Policy at the University of Adelaide. He regularly consults with governments about how to best manage their water resources and believes time is of the essence for countries around the world to transition to a new system […]

Kate Upton Congratulates Husband Justin Verlander on Making World Series: ‘So Proud of You!’

“It’s such a crazy dream-come-true moment and two of those happened within a span of a couple days,” Verlander told PEOPLE in March 2018. “Two life-changing events happened in the same week; it just doesn’t happen like that too often. As my brother-in-law loves to point out at the wedding, it was pretty much the […]

An infectious disease nearly ruined the trip that changed my life

Nobody knew. To keep us occupied the adoption team packed us off to more tourist attractions. A folk village. An embroidery studio. And on a 100-degree day, we found ourselves at China’s foremost panda preserve, where Mary Frances was invited to cradle a young red panda that was the size of an infant. She forced […]

‘My view of the world changed’: Kylie Minogue, 51, reveals the impact her 2005 breast cancer battle has had on the rest of her life

Kylie Minogue ‘is in talks to release her own WINE range… Kylie Minogue sets pulses racing as she poses in skimpy… Kris Smith shares cute video of daughter Mila, one, pushing… ‘Be careful, he might bite!’ Comedian Nazeem Hussain…

Openly Gay Black Woman Overwhelmingly Wins Chicago Mayoral Race: ‘A Movement for Change’

“This may not be the outcome we wanted, but while I may be disappointed, I’m not disheartened,” Preckwinkle said after her loss, per the Tribune. “For one thing, this is clearly a historic night. Not long ago, two African-American women vying for this position would have been unthinkable. And while it may be true we […]

11 things that helped this Houston woman battle the symptoms of COVID-19

Prayer and my faith. I know it’s making a huge difference for me. Friends have shared specific stories of exact times they suddenly and inexplicably have been led to pray for me, and it is at those exact times I was in breathing distress, which suddenly subsided. It’s amazing! I posted on Facebook that a […]

The party goes on in massive online worlds

On Fridays, Saturdays, and basically any given weeknight, my Brooklyn neighborhood is alive with throbbing house music, over-earnest open mics, DJ sets, roiling apartment bashes, and cars blasting reggaeton. In this new-normal world, events as we know them no longer exist, unless you count texting your 20 closest acquaintances a DRINKS ON ZOOM!!!! invite, give […]

Covid-19 crisis ‘will change way we work, live and travel forever’: AA boss says coronavirus will trigger PERMANENT reduction in road and train use ‘because people can now work from home’

London and New York, the epicentres of their respective countries, have also seen a significant drop in movement. It found New Yorkers are going to the grocery store 32 per cent less often (pictured)