Race to fix NHS contact tracing before schools return: Ministers admit there’s ‘more to do’ but say pupils WILL return in September after Lancet report warned failures in testing would cause a devastating second wave

The study said 75 per cent of individuals with symptomatic infection would need to be diagnosed and isolated if schools return full-time in September to avoid a second wave (graph on left, middle row). This is based on the contact tracing system reaching 68 per cent of people. The findings for a partial opening of […]

Primark, Asda and Topshop ‘among firms that left factory workers facing starvation’

“However, at this point, our orders at this specific supplier are on similar levels as during the same period last year. We are also fulfilling our payments for goods in accordance with contracts, on time and at the originally agreed price.

India’s Narendra Modi to lay foundation stone at divisive Ayodhya temple despite rise in coronavirus cases

The move gave New Delhi more control over the Muslim-majority state’s affairs and threw the already restive region into turmoil as tens of thousands of new troops were deployed and residents were plunged into a communications blackout, with internet services suspended, travel curfews and roadblocks put in place. One year on, internet services are partially […]

A northern soul

By then, bands were playing at the Ranch, the Squat, Rafters and the Band on the Wall. If you go in search of these places now, none of them has been turned into supersmooth loft apartments like the Hacienda has. They’ve just disappeared, as if they were never really there, or they’re broken-down buildings not […]

“Animation Is One Place Where Race Shouldn’t Matter” (Guest Column)

First cast by George Lucas, Black voice actress Angelique Perrin comments on Kristen Bell and Jenny Slate stepping aside (“I was surprised so many white actresses were playing Black characters”) and how opportunities define success in Hollywood: “What Indian actor’s career would have been launched if cast as Apu instead of Hank Azaria?” I’m a […]

Is Bath Britain’s most backward city?

The situation is very sad. The WilkinsonEyre Dyson building was a very distinguished piece of architecture and the Holburne extension as well. Meanwhile the pastiche Georgian SouthGate shopping centre is going up. It seems that if it’s custard colour, it’s good. I do think the preservation people wield undue influence. The rejection of the Dyson […]

Best cheap drone deals for August 2020: DJI, Potensic, Holy Stone and more

If you’re caught in these conditions, land as soon as possible and get your drone somewhere dry, disconnect the battery, and allow it to dry. You may also want to shake the drone itself gently to get water out of the interior housing and let that dry as well. Use similar techniques to drying out […]