Pro-life movement leans into 2020 election to boost Trump, claiming issue ‘has gone from liability to asset’

But Dannenfelser is confident that when it comes time to vote, a solid portion of Americans will be voting with the U.S. Supreme Court as a priority. Exit polling from 2016 seemed to bear out as the majority who saw Trump’s nominating power as the most important factor lent him their vote. For both Clinton and […]

Yoshinori Ono leaving Capcom after almost 30 years

The Fall Guys devs are discussing a level editor, but warn it’s a “huge undertaking”

‘People have lived there 30 years’ — Breaking bad news about rising tides

“Usually when we go out and consult and engage, it’s on a specific issue or project. We have a submission period of four to six weeks, take some feedback, make some tweaks to whatever we’re doing, deliver that, then move on to the next thing. Whereas this is very much a long, ongoing conversation with […]

FMIA: 2020 NFL Training Camp In A Pandemic—A Day In Life Of Texans

Thanks to all for writing. This week, I’m going on the road for a limited schedule of camps, and I’ll definitely keep in mind that so many of you want more football. If the opportunity to virtually embed with the Texans hadn’t come up last week, this column would have taken a different path. I […]

ICICI Prudential Life launches ICICI Pru Precious Life to cover individuals with health conditions

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has launched ICICI Pru Precious Life, offering life cover to customers by factoring in the nuances of various health conditions. According to the company, it is the industry’s first term plan specifically designed for customers who find it difficult to get access to life cover due to existing health conditions. This […]

UK insurer Royal London pays out £8.5m on Covid-related deaths

Royal London slumped to a pre-tax loss of £181m in the six months to 30 June because of lower investment returns, against a profit of £397m a year earlier. New business sales of life and pensions products were hit by the pandemic and the lockdowns imposed by the UK and Irish governments, falling 18% to […]

HDFC Lifes partners with Paytm, to offer insurance through m-com platform

Life insurance company, HDFC Life, has announced its tie-up with Paytm. This partnership will enable Paytm customers to purchase life insurance products offered by HDFC Life, via the mobile commerce platform.Pankaj Gupta, senior EVP – sales and CMO, HDFC Life, said, “At HDFC Life, we are constantly exploring opportunities to create and sustain new partnerships […]

How two women solved the mystery of the Bear Brook killings that puzzled police for 30 years

It’s not even known when the bodies were dumped, if they were all dumped at the same time, or whether Rasmussen kept the bodies of the two youngest children found in the second barrel and dumped them at a later date after the first was found in 1985.

Boy comatose wakes up after 2 years

On the morning of October 18, Tinh visited his patient as usual and realized that the boy seemed to be regaining consciousness. He gently instructed him to “please imitate my gestures” and to practice some simple movements like closing and opening the eyes, moving the eyes from right to left and putting the tongue in […]

Vanity Fair hires first black photographer to shoot the magazine’s cover in its 107-year history – as he tells how he used an image of a scarred slave to inspire the Viola Davis shoot

‘[Photography] was known as a rich man’s art, so it was mostly for white men who were able to afford all of the chemicals, the films, the cameras that went into it in the very early stages,’ he went on.