Taiwan artisans fuse reality and fantasy in miniature worlds

“I like to try to make anything, whether it’s clean, old or dirty, to let my imagination run wild,” he told AFP. His creations range from a replica of a 40-year-old grocery store in central Taiwan that caught his eye, to an imaginary “secret maintenance base” for a legion of Minions made from a discarded […]

Yahoo Sports will stream free NFL games with a side of video chat

The “Watch Together” concept has become a miniature craze within the streaming industry during the coronavirus pandemic. Amazon, Hulu, and Movies Anywhere have all launched co-watching features with text-based chat, while HBO has partnered with an outside company called Scener to launch both text and video chat. Scener also integrates with several other video services, […]

Coastal Elites review – is this the worst film of the year?

Which brings us back to Broadway. Miriam turns up her nose at The Lion King and Phantom of the Opera as tourist attractions, though she belongs to the firmly middlebrow set that made the upbeat Hamilton a gargantuan hit and closed the edgy, challenging Slave Play after four months. Rudnick’s writing encapsulates and celebrates the […]

What’s All the Hype About the ‘Travis Scott Meal’ at McDonald’s? Vulture Investigates.

The best way to enjoy a Travis Scott Meal is to eat it on your bedroom floor with Astroworld playing and the AC running. The Quarter Pounder was really kind of onion forward. They didn’t use those tiny, little chopped-up onions they put on Happy Meal burgers; these were big, oniony onions. The acid bite […]

Our Time Machine: a moving documentary on art, family and dementia

With Chiang serving as translator, Maleonn describes how Papa’s Time Machine symbolically closes a rift between father and son. “Maybe he doesn’t even remember that he once wanted me to be a stage artist, but it’s something that stuck with me. When I found out about my father’s condition, it became urgent for me to […]

‘Parks And Recreation’ Reunion Special: The Pawnee Posse Is Back, Along With Some Sheltered-In Faves

“I think her intention was to join us in our marital bed and wrap piano wire around my throat … apparently not my throat,” says Ron, whose intent is “to put a note around her neck and leave her down at the fire station.” Before Ron and Leslie give their goodbyes tonight, she asks about […]