First look at Star Wars’ John Boyega in new BBC drama Small Axe playing real-life cop who fought racism in the force

He discussed the series further, adding: “I felt these stories needed to be shared. I wanted to re-live, re-evaluate and investigate the journeys that my parents and the first generation of West Indians went on to deliver me here today calling myself a Black British person.


Also according to the World Bank’s report, although the Vietnamese economy suffered from COVID-19 in the first half of 2020, prospects remain positive for both the short and medium term. If the world situation gradually improves, economic activity should rebound in the second semester of 2020 such that the economy will grow by around 2.8 […]

Sardar Patel, a shared inheritance

Does that mean that the Sardar’s membership, leadership and stewardship of the Congress was free of tensions? Of course not, because he was human and his party was led and peopled by other humans, each with tempers and temperaments that were distinct. Despite Gandhi’s pre-eminent position in it and in the hearts of the people […]

Mahatma Gandhi 150th birth anniversary: Recovering Gandhi’s religious vision

Ineradicable diversityCentral to this seemingly everlasting Hindu imagination is its deep plurality, reflected in its acceptance of the co-existence of three basic ethical forms: one dependent on multiple gods and goddesses, one on a single god, and one even entirely independent of god, gods and goddesses (truth-seeking). For Gandhi, this religio-philosophical plurality is the inevitable […]

Netflix Takes Amy Adams’ Troubled Thriller The Woman in the Window Off Disney’s Hands

RELATED: The Woman in the Window Trailer Has Amy Adams Losing Her Mind Joe Wright directed the movie, which is an adaptation of the acclaimed, best-selling novel of the same name by A.J. Finn. Wright previously helmed the Oscar-winner Darkest Hour, as well as Pride & Prejudice and Atonement. Wright’s latest feature has been finished […]

Daughters of the bomb: my reckoning with Hiroshima, 75 years later

My mixed-race daughter, who has my Japanese and white ancestry, is Black. Her father, my husband, was born in Jamaica, raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn, where he was slammed on the hoods of police cars by cops when he was a kid playing tag with his friends in the streets. He was harassed so often for […]

The 30 best comedies to watch on Netflix right now

There’s Five, who is a 58-year-old man trapped in a 15-year-old’s body, Klaus, who can hardly get through the day with out saying something to annoy one of his siblings, to various other moments of comedy gold.

The masked duchess! Kate Middleton is seen wearing a face protector for the first time as she helps unpack donations at a baby bank in Sheffield in £15 cotton covering from Amaia

Speaking after the visit, Baby Basics CEO Cat Ross said: ‘Having her visit and seeing the work we do has been just amazing. It will really help people to hear and know about Baby Basics and the work we do. A lot of people have heard about food banks but don’t necessarily know about the […]

Mutual Benefits grows GWP by 18 per cent

He said: “The extent of the impact of this scourge on business performance is uncertain. However, we are taking proactive measures to ensure the retention of shareholder value. Some of these activities include the reduction of travel, elimination of noncritical expenses and aggressive adoption of online means of communication to reduce printing and cost of […]

Poor quality of governance remains a huge problem – Obiora Okonkwo

Anambra is unique. The leadership dynamics there cannot be the same with the leadership dynamics Rivers, Lagos or Kano. It is a state with great potentials, seen mostly in the human capital. For us to realize that fully, we should be looking at a unity leader; a leader who must emerge by unifying all the […]