Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds says Sir David Attenborough’s show warning of mass extinction of wildlife left her in TEARS – as she pleads: ‘Everyone should watch this, it’s time to act’

Now, I feel I must bear witness not only to the wonders I have seen, but to the devastation that has occurred in my lifetime – whole ecosystems destroyed, habitats swallowed up by farming and living space as populations grow, species all but wiped out. My testimony is a first-person narrative of how human growth […]

Extinction Rebellion: how successful were the latest protests?

But for XR – and many in the wider environment movement – the action was deemed legitimate and necessary. They argued that much of the rightwing press, owned by a handful of billionaires, have played a key role in downplaying the climate crisis and undermining the structural changes needed to address it – that much […]

Police manage to tackle 30 topless women Extinction Rebellion chained to Parliament in just two hours – despite needing 12 hours to move in when they disrupted newspaper print works

Doomsday Yet like so many lobby groups, my old colleagues peddle messages of doomsday gloom that alienate as much as they motivate, offering little in the way of positive solutions. It is scaremongering rather than inspiring, and while for a time I aligned myself with their world view — and their tactics — in recent […]

‘Press are worse than the Nazis’: Independent newspaper columnist who masterminded Extinction Rebellion blockade of printworks says ‘this is like World War Two and you guys are on the other side’

Unfortunately, on Friday night and Saturday morning the police were slow to act. At the printing plants in Hertfordshire and on Merseyside, they failed to start clearing Extinction Rebellion protesters for more than six hours. In the end, there were 80 arrests. Their relaxed attitude recalls the laid-back behaviour of the some of the police […]

There Are 100 Companies Responsible for Climate Change, Activist Says

A spokesperson said: “Sustainable climate change solutions require a united effort across industry, academia, government, and broader society, which is why our scientists and engineers collaborate with more than 80 universities, as well as government agencies and leading research organizations to develop breakthroughs in lower-emission technologies.”

How sharks lost their bones: Ancient fossils reveal the cartilage-based skeletons of sharks may have evolved from bony fish

However, sharks have far more reason to be afraid of humans. We kill up to a million of them a year, often just cutting off their fins to make into soup and throwing the rest of the shark back into the water, where it starves or drowns. 

Humans exploiting and destroying nature on unprecedented scale – report

Robin Freeman, who led the research at ZSL, said: “It seems that we’ve spent 10 to 20 years talking about these declines and not really managed to do anything about it. It frustrates me and upsets me. We sit at our desks and compile these statistics but they have real-life implications. It’s really hard to […]

Wildlife populations fell 68% since 1970: WWF

Vital species we can’t afford to lose 8. Coral Often called the rainforests of the sea, coral reefs fill a diverse range of roles, from serving as a foundation for intricate food webs, to protecting coastlines. Researchers also estimate coral reefs support as much as a quarter of all marine life, making them one of […]

20 Questions With Chris Korda: The Producer on the ‘Anesthesia’ of Dance Music & Why Humans Must Stop Breeding

The trend is toward chaos and incoherence, but I’m swimming in the opposite direction, towards unity and deep mathematical structure. So many producers live their entire musical lives on the tiny, overcrowded island of 4/4 time, but I left it years ago, never to return. The ocean of the unknown is big enough for everyone, […]

Apocalypse Soon: 9 Terrifying Signs of Environmental Doom and Gloom

The problem isn’t just limited to small island nations, either. A recent paper by James Hansen and 16 other scientists warned that even if countries worldwide are able to slow global warming to the ambitious level of two degrees Celsius above pre-1900 levels, we could still be in for disaster. Hitting that target could still […]