‘Imitation Game’ is right: UK must pardon thousands of homosexuals

(CNN)A couple of weeks ago, the rally cry that had been bubbling in the wake of “The Imitation Game” suddenly grew louder. Matt Breen, editor-in-chief of The Advocate and one of the most impassioned, trustworthy voices out there when it comes to politics and civil liberties, started a petition. Visit Pardon49k.org and you’ll see that […]

Hamptons rental homes soar from $5,000 a month to $30,000 as NYC’s richest flee the city and flock to the wealthy enclave, almost doubling the town’s numbers, and sending coronavirus cases spiraling to over 7,000

‘I will still say NYC should contain and not allow traveling outside of the city. The city is the epicenter, and by moving people out is only going to infect others . It may also start to decrease the numbers downstate and increase numbers in upstate. We all need to continue to follow guidelines of […]

A last hurrah for banknotes as UK switches to mobile and card payment

Technology experts see contactless payment as just a stepping stone to the cashless society, with smartphones becoming the main way to pay. Since the launch of Apple Pay in July last year, 8 million journeys on London Underground have been paid for by iPhone users tapping their handset at entry and exit points. Meanwhile, Google’s rival, […]

Fifa 17 review: new story mode and on-pitch tweaks keep veteran in the game

Yet there are reasons to choose this over its resurgent rival. Limit yourself to exhibition matches alone and PES plays the (marginally) better game of football – but no one does that. Fifa’s card-collecting Ultimate Team, where you assemble a dream roster by amassing Panini-style cards, remains unsurpassed by any contemporary, and its package is […]

WIDER IMAGE-Succession and standards worry Singapore hawkers

“When I was helping my father at the age of 16, I asked him so many questions everyday to learn so that I can one day beat him at it. I do not think I have beaten my old man yet, it’s a tie.”

Doctor with no computer skills vows to battle medical board in court

In the agreement with the board, which Konopka signed on September 12, she voluntarily surrendered her license to settle pending allegations regarding her “record keeping, prescribing practices, and medical decision making.” Those allegations stem from five separate complaints against her. Under the terms of the agreement, she could reapply to regain her license, but the […]

US opioid crisis hits Indian pharma companies

The opioid crisis in the US has hit Indian drug companies which once dreamt of riches and chased the restricted but lucrative business of opioid-based drugs in the North American continent. This week, India’s third-largest drug maker Lupin made an impairment provision of Rs 1,400 crore for Gavis Pharma, a company it had bought for […]

Lifting the veil of secrecy: Meet the female code-breakers of WWII

Winterbotham’s book might have been the first time that story of the World War II code-breakers entered the realm of popular culture, but it certainly wasn’t the last, with TV drama “The Bletchley Circle” proving popular in both the UK and United States earlier this year.

Murder of Spanish wildlife rangers spurs ​calls for armed service

He accepts the risks inherent in his line of work, but Morales and many of his fellow agents want to feel better protected. “It doesn’t make any sense to have us trying to do our jobs and asking thousands of armed people in the country to show us the necessary documentation if it’s not a […]

Coronavirus: Struggling Debenhams to put administrators on standby

More from Business Coronavirus: Services sector sees its steepest downturn since 1996 Coronavirus: Sir Philip Green to use taxpayer money to pay staff during shutdown Coronavirus: Britain’s high streets suffer worst month on record due to COVID-19 lockdown Coronavirus: Chinese billionaire donates medical supplies to NHS Coronavirus: Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveils new measures to SME […]