Transfer news: Thiago to Liverpool; Gabriel to Man United

It is believed Solskjaer wants a left-footed center back, which Gabriel is, as Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire are often too similar at center back. Those two have developed a decent enough partnership but it appears that Solskjaer wants to replace Lindelof and adding Gabriel will also give him an option to switch to a […]

Woman stabbed in downtown Portland, knife stolen from crime scene: police

Police said when they were securing the crime scene, someone picked the up the knife and “ran off with it.” Officers would later leave the scene after encountering a “hostile crowd” while trying to investigate the crime, authorities said.

Thousand-year-old tomb discovered in China’s Jilin

The provincial institute of cultural heritage and archaeology said the tomb is located in a farmyard in Sihe Village of the city of Shuangliao. Local farmers accidentally uncovered the tomb when digging at the site.

Bear, bath and beyond: Ten-year-old bear Takoda enjoys splashing around in a tub at the Oregon Zoo

The bear came to the zoo in November 2010 after he had been orphaned in Montana, his bio says. ‘He was found hungry and dehydrated, weighing less than 3 pounds,’ says the zoo. Tokada’s image is pictured from his bio page on the zoo’s website

What a 200-year-old experiment can teach anxious parents about home schooling

This does not, of course, mean that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to virtual learning. Studying from home still means missing out on a great deal of emotional and social learning that is crucial during childhood. Some students with special needs also do worse. A turn to home learning should not […]

500-year-old Inca offering discovered in lake that may have been used for human sacrifices

“This pairing of miniature figurines and gold foil is also found at in the Andes, where they are regularly associated with human sacrifices to appease deities,” the researchers added. “This suggests Lake Titicaca was also revered and may have been the site of similar sacrifices, although no direct evidence of them has been found.”

Archaeologists made a 1,600-year-old discovery at Spiš

There is an oven with a sweeping opening in the corner of the probe. It was used for heating. “We assume there was some kind of pub. There is also wall graffiti, pictures of gallows, and a sword. These are probably the remains of guests. There is also an entrance to the cellar where beer […]

Australian woman is accused of offering a child for sex to a man on WhatsApp after sending him abuse photos of the same minor

AFP Acting Commander ACCCE and Child Protection Operations Paula Hudson said they are investigating the man who made the tip but they are not treating him as a suspect at this time. 

Brandon Williams signs long-term Man Utd deal

“Having been at Manchester United since I was seven years old, it’s genuinely a dream come true to be playing in the first team. It has taken a huge amount of hard work to reach this point and it has been really special for me to break through into the squad.

Burger King employee, 22, ‘is shot and killed by a man, 37, whose female friend complained to him about a $40 order taking too long’

The unidentified woman later came back with Rodriguez Tormes, authorities said. Rodriguez Tormes demanded that Joshua (pictured) fight him before putting the employee in a chokehold and later shooting him, authorities said