Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds says Sir David Attenborough’s show warning of mass extinction of wildlife left her in TEARS – as she pleads: ‘Everyone should watch this, it’s time to act’

The 22nd Century could begin with a worldwide humanitarian crisis – the largest event of enforced human migration in history. Coastal cities worldwide would face a predicted sea level rise of 3ft during the 21st Century, caused by slowly melting ice sheets, together with a creeping expansion of the ocean as it warms. The sea […]

‘Press are worse than the Nazis’: Independent newspaper columnist who masterminded Extinction Rebellion blockade of printworks says ‘this is like World War Two and you guys are on the other side’

To reclassify it in such terms would be to risk making martyrs of its misguided leaders. More seriously still, it might be seen to create a precedent that, when the Government disapproves of people exercising their right of free speech, they can be redesignated as criminals.

Extinction crisis ‘poses existential threat to civilisation’

Using data from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of threatened species and Birdlife (the bird authority for the IUCN), they identified at least 515 species that are on the brink of extinction, with fewer than a thousand individuals left.

Police manage to tackle 30 topless women Extinction Rebellion chained to Parliament in just two hours – despite needing 12 hours to move in when they disrupted newspaper print works

Then, less than two weeks later, XR members caused sizeable disorder at an East London Tube station, preventing commuters from getting to work. The ploy made me deeply uneasy — while XR’s entire strategy is based on disruption, targeting London’s public transport network at rush hour felt beyond the pale. (Pictured: XR conduct a protest […]

What irony! The spokeswoman who quit Extinction Rebellion to fight for the NUCLEAR industry says: ‘Once I understood the facts, I did change my mind’

The book, among other things, advised parents to ‘take your placenta home and bury it in the garden, where it will decompose and provide nutrients for anything planted above it,’ carry children in slings (rather than using pushchairs) until they’re old enough to walk, and to ‘make your own cleaning products’ by using vinegar and […]

Failed MP, ex-Para & ‘birth striker’ among Extinction Rebellion protesters who took part in newspaper blockade

When asked about the protesters who disrupted the supply of millions of newspapers on Friday night Ms Abbott told Sophy Ridge on Sky: “I think it’s important to remind ourselves that direct actions which is what those actions were are actually legal.

Extinction Rebellion: how successful were the latest protests?

‘Free the truth’ A key target of the protests was rightwing thinktanks and lobbying organisations that campaigners say play a crucial role in downplaying the climate crisis. Last week, XR activists joined novelists, poets and playwrights, including Margaret Atwood and Zadie Smith, to demonstrate outside 55 Tufton Street in London, a venue infamous for hosting […]

Physicists who disproved ‘5th force’ win $3 million ‘Breakthrough’ prize

Over time, the team’s torsion balances have become more refined, requiring precise engineering. They rely heavily on workers in the University of Washington’s machine shop —— one of the few left in the country attached to a physics department —— to constantly update and test their balances before experiments. It’s important to get a torsion […]

Anambra community celebrates mass return with pomp and pageantry

President-General of the town union, Dr Josiah Okonkwo explained that such mass return programme for the community holds every four years, adding that  the community takes the ceremony seriously because it is a strong unifying factor for the people to celebrate their close family ties, affinity and brotherly love.

A ‘Superfungus’ May Lead to the Extinction of One of the World’s Most Toxic Animals

But the golden frog is not the only species at risk in Panama. Roberto Ibanez, a researcher at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, located north of Panama City, where around 200 of the animals are being kept, said that around a third of the country’s 225 amphibian species are threatened “in some way.”