Emily Skye: Influencer gives birth to baby boy in an unexpected way

“When I was pregnant with Mia I personally didn’t see much ‘real’ stuff out there. It was all very glamorised. Everyone looked amazing, enjoying pregnancy and bouncing back, and I am sure people out there did talk abut it, I just didn’t see it,” Emily said.

A Medically Vulnerable 17-Year-Old Attended A Church Event With 100 People — Then Died Of The Coronavirus

The official medical examiner investigation report into her death says that she likely contracted the virus on June 10 during an event with “100 other children” at her church, and details the treatment she received from her nurse mother and physician’s assistant stepfather before they sought emergency medical care.

Introduce new grading pattern only for first-year students this year: MU to Mithibai College

“We are in a single, integrated three-year course and so the administration can’t introduce new grading patterns without our consent. Changes to the grading system left most students with lower grades as compared to previous semesters and that is unacceptable, especially because it’s not our fault,” said another student, who did not wished to be […]

Is this the world’s coolest tween? 12-year-old poised for movie stardom calls Cara Delevingne a friend and models for Ralph Lauren… but says he’ll never go off the rails

But the dramatically-minded young actor was inspired to take up the craft after seeing his sisters being clapped on stage with their dancing class, and wanting a piece of the action. 

Final Fantasy IX is 20 years old today and its soundtrack is still absolutely bangin’

Then again, if I stayed in Bran Bal for all eternity, I’d never get to listen to quite possibly my favourite Final Fantasy IX tune, Not Alone. One of the most powerful moments in the entire game, this plays when all of Zidane’s mates rally round him in his time of need, each fighting alongside […]

Mumbai: 22-year-old from Rajasthan arrested for kidnapping, raping minor

A police team arrested the accused and rescued the rape survivor from Rajasthan’s Jhalawar district on Monday. While the other team arrested the accused’s three accomplices from MP. Police have also seized an MP registered car that was used in the rape survivor’s abduction.

‘Wicked’ widow of French Elvis Johnny Halliday pockets assets of up to €34 million after a two-year battle with his older children who were written out of the 73-year-old’s will – but she’s also inherited his €30 million debt

Meanwhile, her brother, a singer, song-writer and race car driver, who had said he did not want to receive money in solidarity with his sister and half-sisters, was granted the ‘moral rights’ to his father’s musical estate, meaning he will be overseeing how his musical legacy is used from now on. 

New chart reveals true ‘human years’ for your dog

Ideker said: “This makes sense when you think about it — after all, a nine-month-old dog can have puppies, so we already knew that the 1:7 ratio wasn’t an accurate measure of age.”

SHOCKING: Johnny Depp admits he supplied his 13-year-old-daughter marijuana

Depp further went on to reveal, “My daughter was 13 years old, and as we all know at 11, 12, and 13 years old, when you go to a high school party, you are approached by people who will want to give you drink because they are drinking at 12 and 13, doing cocaine at […]

Till social distancing do you part: One of the first couples to marry after lockdown enjoy their big day… in a deep-cleaned church with hand sanitiser passed around the few guests

With singing banned, the best man instead plays the banjo during the signing of the register. Despite the complications of holding a wedding during the middle of a pandemic, Debbie and David are eager to start married life. Debbie says: ‘We can still have the party next year. It’s a shame, but it’s a one-in-a-hundred […]