From the #BLM movement to the pandemic, memes go for the jugular with their wit

That said, there is an upside to the viral quality of (clever) memes. At a time when state censorship is beginning to pose serious problems in India and many other nations, memes are used as a medium of subversion and dissent. Done cleverly, the messaging of memes can be sharp, hard-hitting, and yet never amount […]

Fact-checking a mask meme shared by Trump Jr. on Facebook

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes, the coronavirus spreads “Through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks” and “These droplets can land in the mouths or noses of people who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.”

50 Cent apologizes to Megan Thee Stallion for sharing memes about her getting shot… after she slams people for mocking her trauma

She went on to thank her true blue friends though, saying: ‘Thank God for the people around me that are actually here for me and are actually my friends and don’t want s*** from me, would never turn on me for any amount of money, no amount of clout. That wouldn’t make up stories about […]

‘Pepe the Frog’ Creator Tries to Reclaim Meme in ‘Feels Good Man’ Doc Trailer

In the trailer for the Sundance-winning film, Furie’s beloved “happy little frog” is co-opted by white supremacy groups, which the cartoonist helplessly witnesses. “I’m just a spectator to how things evolved on the internet,” Furie says in the preview.

‘Can’t wait to curl for the girlsss’: Britons welcome the return of gyms and nail salons after four months with hilarious memes as owners including Duncan Bannatyne praise ‘vitally important’ news

Yesterday Oliver Dowden said  tanning salons, tattoo parlours and other so-called ‘close contact services’ will be allowed to welcome back customers from Monday – allowing Britons to get a much-needed makeover or a fake tan top-up for the first time in almost four months.

Jamie Lee Curtis wears gloves while stopping for supplies at grocery story… after sharing funny Halloween social distancing meme

Who should you ask for help if coronavirus symptoms strike?… ‘Together again for the first time!’ Jamie Lee Curtis, 61,… Jamie Lee Curtis reveals family friend Kirk Douglas once… Jamie Lee Curtis is elegant at Society Of Camera Operators… Jamie Lee Curtis, 61, flaunts substantial cleavage at the…

Obsessive hoarder, 69, is run over and killed by church minister after stopping to pick up box on busy motorway

‘To lose him in these circumstances is heart-breaking, when he had so much to live for and so much more to give,’ the statement continued.

Hysterical Memes, Meltdown on Twitter as TikTok, Other Chinese Apps Banned in India

While #RIPTikTok, TikTokbanned is trending in India, the TikTok stars vented anger against others making fun of the situation. In one video, a girl stated that such a decision could lead to unemployment in India as for many young and aspiring people it was a source of income.

The Amazon Big Style Sale day three: From discounted New Balance to 69% off jewellery and watches, our pick of the best deals available today

Today you can shop up to 53 per cent off Under Armour, including this bestselling fitness top. The Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Sleeveless Compression Shirt has been reduced down to £14.66 – that’s a saving of 33 per cent off the listed retail price.  

TALK OF THE TOWN: Emilia Fox shows her lighter side away from investigating murders in Silent Witness as she is pictured smiling next to a bunch of sunflowers

If, like me, you think life must be grim for Emilia Fox – she has spent 14 years digging into grisly murders as pathologist Nikki Alexander in TV hit Silent Witness – here’s proof she has a lighter side.