Taiwan artisans fuse reality and fantasy in miniature worlds

“I like to try to make anything, whether it’s clean, old or dirty, to let my imagination run wild,” he told AFP. His creations range from a replica of a 40-year-old grocery store in central Taiwan that caught his eye, to an imaginary “secret maintenance base” for a legion of Minions made from a discarded […]

Yahoo Sports will stream free NFL games with a side of video chat

Once again, Verizon will offer free live streams of local and primetime NFL games through its Yahoo Sports mobile app. But there’s a twist for the 2020-2021 season: The app will offer built-in video chat so you can watch together with up to three friends.

Coastal Elites review – is this the worst film of the year?

And yet to believe in that mission, either in the earnestness of its rationales or the likelihood of its success, requires a staggering measure of naivety. Not since Kate McKinnon dressed up as Hillary Clinton to deliver a doleful rendition of Hallelujah on Saturday Night Live has tone-deaf liberal pandering been so blatant or difficult […]

What’s All the Hype About the ‘Travis Scott Meal’ at McDonald’s? Vulture Investigates.

The first McDonald’s I went to, on West 3rd Street in Manhattan, didn’t even have the Travis Scott Meal, which was strange because the Travis Scott Meal doesn’t include anything that McDonald’s doesn’t already normally carry. I can’t say I was surprised, though; it’s one of those McDonald’s where the ice-cream machine has been busted […]

Our Time Machine: a moving documentary on art, family and dementia

The fragility of memory, the tension between fantasy and reality, and the family bonds forged in hardship and joy are tenderly interwoven in Our Time Machine, which won the award for best cinematography at last year’s Tribeca film festival. Co-directed by Yang Sun and S Leo Chiang, the documentary charts the evolution of Maleonn’s ambitious […]

‘Parks And Recreation’ Reunion Special: The Pawnee Posse Is Back, Along With Some Sheltered-In Faves

Toward the beginning of the episode, Ron Zooms April to find her clad in a variety of clothes: She puts them in garbage bags and pulls the first five items out every day and wears them. They’re joined by Andy, who has been locked in the shed for the past two days and can’t get […]