The ultimate bus journey! Tour from London to Delhi across 18 countries in 70 days, stopping off at Moscow, Prague and even the Great Wall of China on incredible new £15,000 excursion

For a passenger starting in London, the first leg costs £4,350, for 15 nights to Moscow; the second is £5,000 from Moscow to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan; the third is £4,350 from Kashgar, China, to Chengdu, China; and the fourth is £3,500 from Bangkok, Thailand to Impal, India. 

Venice in times of COVID-19: Relaxed and unique

Venice is redefining itself Nevertheless, everyone is longing for tourists to return to Venice, including cultural institutions. The museums have opened again, the architecture and art biennales have been postponed to next year and the year after. In the Giardini, the center of the art biennale, there is now an exhibition on the history of all […]

Venice in times of coronavirus: Relaxed and unique

Ralf Müller, a German tourist from Wuppertal who is visiting Venice for the third time, says the city is “alarmingly empty.” He has just arrived from the Lido, “also empty.” There the restaurant owners complained to him about the lack of visitors. On the other hand, the passionate photographer is enjoying the “different” view of the sights. “You don’t […]

Just squeaked through: Travelling to Wellington from US during a pandemic

I don’t recall the flight back to DC, just the relief we made it on board and we were going home. Did I sleep for three days straight in my two-week self-quarantine, oh yes. We landed on March 27, so Washington, Maryland, and Virginia were locked up tight, sleeping and telephoning friends and family was all anyone […]

Overbooked v overlooked: The destinations you should visit that aren’t overrun with tourists

Baffin Island, in the way-north Canadian territory of Nunavut, is the fifth-largest isle in the world, a baker’s dozen spots ahead of Iceland. The landmass in the North Atlantic Ocean shares several characteristics with the Scandinavian country, such as fjords, the midnight sun, the northern lights, the Arctic Circle and, according to recent archaeology digs, […]

Heathrow is set to axe up a QUARTER of its frontline staff with up to 1,200 roles at risk as airport suffers huge downturn due to on-going Covid crisis

August 25 – Co-operative bank – 350 August 20 – Alexander Dennis – 650 August 18 -  Bombardier – 95August 18 – M&S – 7,000August 17: easyJet: 670 August 17: Jet2: 102 August 16: Debenhams: 14,000 at risk August 14 – John Lewis – 399 at risk August 14 – Yo! Sushi – 250August 14 – River Island – 350August 12 – […]

The reinvention of radical protest: life on the frontline of the Aids epidemic

But throughout the plague years – when no effective treatment existed, and death was quite nearly guaranteed – New York City remained the epicentre of the disease, and America the main obstacle to research and treatment. It took two years for the city’s mayor, Ed Koch, to acknowledge its existence publicly. President Ronald Reagan waited […]

Tourism pressures: Five places tackling too many visitors

“For example, there is suddenly more widespread awareness of plastic usage – only in the last year – and this is spilling over into other areas of people’s lives, making it more palatable to make changes. The way is open for governments and local authorities to act because they won’t have the backlash that they […]