Here’s how IBM plans to make the oil and gas industry smarter

Schlumberger’s DELFI platform had gained traction, but the sticking point was that it had been available only to companies using certain cloud providers. That’s a challenge in the oil and gas industry, because regulations often dictate how data must be stored — making it necessary to rely on local cloud services or traditional data centers […]

Google to launch privacy tools, may hit advertisers hard

Alphabet Inc’s Google is set to roll out a dashboard-like function in its Chrome browser to offer users more control in fending off tracking cookies, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday, citing people familiar with the matter.Cookies are small text files that follow internet users and are used by advertisers to target consumers on […]

Spring Branch ISD opens Employee Childcare Center to aid reopening plan

“We cannot offer the excellent educational program the SBISD community expects without our wonderful employees,” Sharee Cantrell, Director of Early Childhood Programs for the school district said in the write-up. “Our goal is to give employees peace of mind that their own children are being well cared for while they work to offer high quality […]

What is an IT manager? Everything you need to know, from IT manager salaries to how the job is changing

“Demand for IT managers has risen during the pandemic as companies accept the new paradigm that a significant proportion of their workforce will need to continue working from home. As a result, we have seen an uptick in vacancies in this space with roles that were initially advertised in early March going live again – […]

Internet-based tools allow medical centers to provide online services

In South China’s Guangdong province — home to over 80 digital hospitals, about 584,000 healthcare consultations were conduced online as of August, including 51,000 sessions to fever clinics and 119,000 regarding the novel coronavirus, said Li Jianzhong, an official with the provincial health commission.

Coronavirus: Mosques told not to reopen despite government plan

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said ensuring places of worship could reopen was a priority as their “contribution to the common good of our country is clear” and said faith communities had shown “enormous patience and forbearance” since the lockdown came into effect.

Secureworks acquires vulnerability management platform Delve

With so many new vulnerabilities reported every day, security professionals and IT administrators face the challenge of working out what bugs are applicable to their businesses, and in what order fixes and patches should be applied based on severity and their potential impact. 

How much is too much when collecting data for planning?

Venkat Srinivasan: Totally. In fact, it is not going to be very expensive. Technology costs have come down so dramatically, and you have such a large penetration of mobile phones in India. Individuals will have to be willing to report and that’s really where I suspect India’s challenge might lie. For this, it is important […]

Police manage to tackle 30 topless women Extinction Rebellion chained to Parliament in just two hours – despite needing 12 hours to move in when they disrupted newspaper print works

Doomsday Yet like so many lobby groups, my old colleagues peddle messages of doomsday gloom that alienate as much as they motivate, offering little in the way of positive solutions. It is scaremongering rather than inspiring, and while for a time I aligned myself with their world view — and their tactics — in recent […]

The Woodlands plans to expand scope of flood task force

“There needs to be somebody in Texas in charge of water, all the water. It is just as important as oil, and we do not have anyone doing it,” Rieser added. “We have an alphabet soup of organizations that are in charge of bits and pieces of (water). The MUDS, the river authorities and the […]