Watch Kawhi Leonard block Jamal Murray at rim with middle finger

Late in the fourth quarter and with the Clippers starting to pull away, Murray blows by Montrezl Harrell out top and goes in for a dunk looking to change the game’s momentum — and Leonard is there to meet him. It’s a one middle finger block.

Press: Trump gives military middle finger salute

In November 2018, on a trip to Paris to attend a ceremony marking the end of World War I, Trump cancelled a planned visit to the nearby Aisne-Marne American cemetery. At the time, the White House blamed the weather. But, based on four anonymous sources involved in the decision, Jeffrey Goldberg, the Atlantic’s editor-in-chief, now […]

BLM protester hit by CAR in Rochester while Pittsburgh demonstrators harass restaurant diners on fiery Labor Day Weekend

Cops were called out to several marches over the weekend as racial tensions bubble over in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, and the deaths of Daniel Prude and George Floyd.

BLM to Elderly Couple: ‘F*** 12, and F*** the White People That Built the System’

Another agitator wearing a “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” tank top then walked up to the couple’s table and began drinking from one of their glasses, while being cheered on by her group. She then knocked a glass off the table, breaking it on the ground.

Jim Carrey Channels Dead Veterans in Anti-Trump Art Based on Atlantic Story

Last month, as the Republican Nation Convention kicked off, the Dumb and Dumber actor published a political painting depicting President Abraham Lincoln sticking the barrel of a rifle into his mouth. “If Lincoln had seen the lineup of liars, thieves, religious hypocrites and racist ne’er-do-wells that would appear at the RNC in 2020…” wrote Jim Carrey as the caption […]

Leftists Rage over President Trump’s Church Walk: Trump Is a ‘Fascist’

After using flash-grenades, rubber bullets, and tear gas to attack Americans peacefully protesting, the President took up a Bible as though he’d never seen or touched it in his life and posed before a church. As a Christian, I denounce him and his behavior.

BLM protesters who screamed ‘f*** white people’ at diners insist they’re NOT aggressors and were ‘invited for a drink’

The marches across America are in response to the of the shooting of Jacob Blake, and the deaths of Daniel Prude and George Floyd.

Gino D’Acampo blasts trolls who call him ‘weird’ for cuddling daughter in bed

The 43-year-old dad took to Twitter to share a video of him under the duvet with his daughter and said that those that thought there was something wrong with it were the weird ones.

Dems don’t have ‘moral courage’ to call out BLM protesters harassing diners: Rob Smith

“There are a lot of people on the left from the leaders like Ayanna Pressley, Kamala Harris, to even the mayors that will not empower their local police departments to handle the situations the way that they should be. When this movement first started, it started a really good conversation that, I think, a lot […]