Uber, Lyft would pause ride-hailing in California if drivers become employees

Uber likewise had already said that it could not possibly rehire all its California drivers as employees within a matter of days. It has more than 100,000 drivers in the state, but has also said that it likely would jettison 80% to 90% of them with an employment model, keeping those who put in full-time […]

Taxi drivers: We’re ready to step in if Uber and Lyft bail

“We’ve been forgotten in the collective memory of the public,” said Chris Sweis, CEO of Yellow Cab, San Francisco’s largest taxi fleet. Before the pandemic, it ran about 500 cars a day; now about 165 are on the road. “The taxi fleet in San Francisco has been underutilized. We’ve now modernized operations to handle any […]

Uber says it will offer rides only in electric vehicles in US, Europe by 2030

Uber says it will take steps to ease drivers’ transition to electric vehicles. In the US and Canada, drivers with electric vehicles with now receive an extra $1.50 per trip, Uber said, with $0.50 cents coming directly from the passenger. Drivers of hybrids will receive an extra $0.50 per trip. Uber also said it would […]

Uber promises 100 per cent electric vehicles by 2040, commits $800 million to help drivers switch

New York: Uber Technologies Inc on Tuesday said every vehicle on its global ride-hailing platform will be electric by 2040, and it vowed to contribute $800 million through 2025 to help drivers switch to battery-powered vehicles, including discounts for vehicles bought or leased from partner automakers.Uber, which as of early February said it had 5 […]

Uber promises 100% electric vehicles by 2040, commits $800 million to help drivers switch

FILE PHOTO: Taxis line up next to an Uber pick-up area as Uber and Lyft drivers hold a statewide day of action to demand that both ride-hailing companies follow California law and grant drivers “basic employee rights”, in Los Angeles, California, U.S., August 20, 2020. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Uber Says It Will Offer US Rides Only In Electric Vehicles By 2030

Transportation is the largest source of US emissions. Today, only 0.15% of Uber trips are taken in electric vehicles. Electric cars are cheaper to operate than gas-powered vehicles, but can cost 50% more than a gasoline–fueled car to purchase upfront.

Uber revenue growth slows, losses persist as 2019 IPO draws near

By Eric NewcomerUber Technologies Inc.’s revenue growth slowed and losses persisted in the fourth quarter, casting a possible shadow over the ride-hailing giant as it prepares for a public offering this year.Losses were down 15 percent for the full year over 2017, but still reached an adjusted $1.8 billion. That could pose a challenge to […]

Uber Pledges to Go All-Electric, but It Doesn’t Own the Cars

There’s a hitch, however: Uber and Lyft don’t own the cars that they’re pledging to electrify. In fact, they’re fighting legal battles in California, Massachusetts, and elsewhere to prove that their drivers—who own the cars—aren’t even employees. So electrifying “their” fleet hinges on convincing the often not-wealthy people who often drive part-time for their apps […]

Uber driver, 30, is arrested for ‘choking and sexually assaulting’ a 51-year-old passenger he ‘chased down after she tried to get out of his car because he kept asking about her sex life during 4am ride to work’

‘She’s lucky,’ Brian Ruiz, who lives in the area, told CBS of the victim. ‘Once it gets dark, you start seeing a bunch of people just come out — random people come out of their hiding spots. If the suspect would have not done anything to her…then someone else could have probably done something to […]

Indian ethical hacker helps Uber fix flaw in its app that exposed user nos, email

Uber fixed a vulnerability in its mobile app, which allowed hackers to access the account of any user worldwide either using their phone number or email id and hail a cab, after an Indian ethical hacker alerted the ride hailing company of the bug. Anand Prakash, founder of Appsecure, a cyber security firm discovered the […]