UK urges Hong Kong government to reinstate candidates, hold elections

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain called on the Hong Kong government on Sunday to reinstate disqualified candidates and hold legislative council elections as soon as possible, in a joint statement with Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

‘Five Eyes alliance’ slams postponement of Hong Kong polls

“Beijing promised autonomy and freedoms under the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle to the Hong Kong people in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, a UN-registered treaty, and must honor its commitments. We urge the Hong Kong government to hold the elections as soon as possible,” the statement read.

UK Condemns Disqualification of Anti-Beijing Candidates in Hong Kong, Demands Elections Go Ahead

Lawrence Ma Yan-Kwok, chairman of the Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation, said in an interview with China Daily that the decision to invalidate their candidacy was the right one, as past conduct such as advocating Hong Kong independence, indiscriminately vetoing government proposals, and refusing to recognise Chinese sovereignty over the Hong Kong SAR makes it […]

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested over alleged foreign collusion

Foreign collusion crimes include requesting or conspiring with a foreign country, institution, organisation or individual – or receiving instruction or funding from them – to disrupt government legislation, undermine an election, or impose sanctions against Hong Kong or mainland China. “Provoking by unlawful means hatred among Hong Kong residents towards the government of Hong Kong […]

China’s Great Firewall descends on Hong Kong internet users

Experts say it is precisely because Hongkongers used digital tools so effectively against the Beijing-backed government that authorities are now targeting the online space. The movement that erupted last year managed to mobilise itself without leaders through platforms such as the LIHKG forum and messaging app Telegram – with a level of organisation that Beijing […]

Hong Kong leader refuses to explain UK journalist’s visa denial

The Financial Times said last week that its Asia editor, Victor Mallet, had been refused a visa to continue working in the city. The denial comes two months after Mallet hosted a speech by the pro-independence activist Andy Chan, despite calls from authorities to cancel the event.

China’s grip on Hong Kong eroding its status as financial hub, investors believe

Hong Kong was a trade centre almost from its foundation in 1841 as a base for British attacks on China designed to protect the opium trade. Throughout the 1800s and 1900s, its status as a tariff-free free port made it an attractive staging point for companies that wanted to do business with mainland China.

‘Our spirit will never be crushed’: Hong Kong activists vow to keep fighting despite new laws

As the United States prepares to impose sanctions on groups responsible for the national security law, To said his meeting with Pompeo could be construed as “requesting a foreign government to impose sanctions” on the Chinese government, which would warrant a jail term from three years up to life imprisonment. Although the law is not […]

Hong Kong regulators see limited sanctions impact as banks weigh action

The escalation in U.S-China tensions comes after Beijing imposed sweeping national security legislation on the financial hub in late June. Western governments condemned the law, while supporters said it would restore stability after a year of often-violent pro-democracy, anti-China protests.

Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai arrested: report

Hong Kong reporters have historically been a crucial conduit of information out of mainland China. And the city’s press corps routinely barrages officials with the kind of critical questioning that would be unthinkable north of the border.