Delayed salary payouts have the Covid-19 unemployed in a fix

Four days after the company shut down, the finance director sent a letter to tell employees “maybe the South Korean side would be stable, so April’s salaries could be paid.”

Wayne Huizenga, who went from trash to billions, dies at 80

But retirement bored him and he soon began buying dozens of small businesses like hotels and pest control companies. In 1987, a business partner persuaded him to check out Blockbuster, a small chain of video stores. At the time, video stores were mostly locally owned mom-and-pop operations. Huizenga didn’t even own a VCR.

Nursing Home Workers Were Underpaid, Overworked, and Denied PPE. And Then COVID Hit.

Traditionally, caregivers organize when the people they care for are at risk—and at almost no other time. Perhaps this moment is different. I want an America where caregivers demand and can receive the basic dignity they offer without feeling like they are stealing it from someone else. To strike, health-care workers have to send a […]

Martin Lewis warns furloughed workers to check payslips now in case you’ve been underpaid

Your earnings in the same month last year Your average monthly earnings for the 2019/20 tax year Tom Neil, Acas senior adviser, said: “Furloughed employees are not required to attend work, but are entitled to still receive 80% (up to £2,500) of their normal wages.

Paint, pools and parking: inside the maverick mind of Marcelo Bielsa

The paint would fade – it was plainly not council grade – and nothing became of the episode apart from adding another layer to Bielsa’s reputation for obsessiveness. Everything the 65-year-old does must be microanalysed for a competitive edge, for marginal gains and so his short commute when he is not staying in the apartment […]

Renewable Energy: Operators ready to support govt aspirations — Adebajo

What can the stakeholders; especially the Federal Government and investors, do to kick-start the economy after the pandemic? The Federal Government has done a lot and I do commend these efforts, because despite a dip in revenues, the government has continued to deploy several interventions towards managing the current economic situation.

She Challenged Europe’s Last Dictator In Belarus And Was Forced Into Exile. She Says She’s The Country’s “Chosen President.”

After almost 24 hours of silence, Lukashenko told a pool of top Russian state media figures in Minsk on Tuesday that Kolesnikova had been detained while being driven to the Ukrainian border. At a televised press conference in Kyiv, Anton Rodnenkov and Ivan Kravtsov, Kolesnikova’s associates who were with her at the time, told reporters […]

Elon Musk Twitter Row With Robert Reich Escalates As Tesla Boss Calls Him ‘Modern Day Moron’

“I admire you. You are a brilliant inventor, you are a visionary, that’s terrific, but you also have some public responsibilities. You have responsibilities to our workers, especially in this pandemic, do you get it?” Reich said in the video, adding: “Elon, grow up.”

San Francisco City Hall’s risky bet: If voters don’t pass tax change, city could have to make painful cuts

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Commerce opposes all the new business taxes on the ballot, though it does support the bond. It worries the taxes will accelerate business closures and relocations. An estimated 1,500 businesses have stopped operating in San Francisco since the pandemic began — either because they have shut down, moved to another city […]